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Angie (amgiammarino) Discussion Questions

1. Gideon is a dark, unsympathetic character, and yet Bess found herself drawn to him. Why is there such a strong attraction to people we can see are bad—in literature and in life? Did you, as a reader, find yourself repulsed or intrigued by Gideon?

2. How did you react to the witch trials and surrounding procedures in the book?

3. One of the themes of The Witch’s Daughter is identity, and trying to pinpoint what makes us who
we really are. Is there a pivotal moment or event in which Elizabeth realizes magic is an inextricable part of herself?

4. Names play an important role in the story. How are they used to reflect this theme of identity?

5. Bess never uses her magic for personal gain. What do you think about the choices she makes regarding her use of the craft?

6. Why is Elizabeth’s relationship with Tegan such a crucial one, both for her and for the story?

7. The early seventeenth century and the early twentieth century were both times of great political instability and upheaval. Meanwhile, Victoria’s reign provided decades of growth and prosperity for many. Which period in history did you most enjoy in the book, and why?

8. The Passchendaele section is perhaps the most visceral part of the book. How did you find yourself
responding to the horrors of wartime Flanders?

9. Put yourself in Elizabeth’s place. Are there things
you would have done differently?

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Debbie (dhaupt) | 8 comments Yeah I really need to read this book, Paula could you in your witchyness cough up more hours in the day :)

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