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Fall 2015 > Yes Please by Amy Poehler Review

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message 1: by Molly (new)

Molly Coghill | 1 comments Amy Poehler’s first book, Yes Please is a memoir and also includes a collection of stories and advice she has learned over the years. Poehler takes the reader through her childhood, her college days, starting out on Saturday Night Live, and being a mom among other events in her life. The book is divided into three parts with various chapters that cover various topics, such as Poehler’s childhood and how she found out she wanted to pursue a career in acting and comedy.
She takes us through her early years living in a small, middle-class family in Burlington, Massachusetts. Poehler performed in school plays and wrote stories, plays, poems, and scripts throughout her adolescence. It was then that she realized she loved the attention and control she felt when she performed.
As the book goes on, Poehler shares memories from college and how she joined a few improvisation groups and eventually moved to Chicago and then to New York City and became a part of Saturday Night Live. She also talks about how she got started on the comedy, Parks and Recreation. Seth Meyers also writes one chapter in the book. Poehler mentions numerous celebrities such as her friends, Louis CK and Tina Fey.
Although Poehler gives a glimpse into her life and experiences, this book is more than just a memoir. The topics cover many issues from building a career, body image, relationships, raising a family, as well as many other life lessons. Poehler offers insightful, sincere advice that cover a range of issues. Her writing is witty and relatable.
I thought this was a fantastic book. First of all, Poehler is very open. She starts out her book saying “I had no business agreeing to write a book. I have a job that keeps me shooting twelve hours a day, plus two children under six”. Poehler is honest right from the beginning. Her humorous voice can be heard while she tells her anecdotes. The stories are easy to follow and are full of laugh out loud moments. While reading this, it felt like I was listening to a friend because Poehler was so relatable and likable. I could also pick up this book and get hooked right away.
Yes Please is full of funny tales and influential quotes to apply to your life. This book is great for anyone who loves celebrities, female comedians, or even just someone looking for some inspiration and a laugh.

message 2: by Mrs. Raabe (new)

Mrs. Raabe (molly_raabe) | 12 comments I have read this book and agree with your review! I would recommend reading Bossy Pants by Tina Fey. They worked together early on in their careers up until now. They are both very intelligent women who have led very interesting lives. I laughed a lot reading both books and learned a lot from both writers.

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