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Angie (amgiammarino) Discussion Questions

1. Both Tilda and Seren live solitary lives. Who do you think was better suited to that solitude, and why?

2. Which era appealed to you more, the modern day one, or the tenth century? How do you think you could have coped with living in Seren’s time?

3. The lake meant different things to different people in the book. To Seren it was sacred and nurturing, to Tilda it was mysterious and challenging, to the professor it was home to his beloved birds and a memorial for his late wife. On the whole, did you find it threatening or comforting? Would you like to live close to such deep water? Tilda was terrified of even the thought of swimming in it, and yet she chose to live there. Could you understand why she might have done this?

4. Seren’s position in her society was a conflicted one: she was both feared and revered. Who do you think held more power, Seren, or Prince Brynach? What did you think of him?

5. If you could add a new character to the story, either human or animal, what would you choose, and how might this change the way the story went?

6. Tilda finds she has three new men in her life–Professor Williams, Dylan, and Lucas–at a time when she is mourning the loss of her husband, and missing her father. What did you feel about how she responded to them? How did you react to Dylan?

7. If you could shapeshift, what would you turn into?

8. How would you continue the story?

Debbie (dhaupt) | 8 comments 1. Hmm yeah put the hard questions right up front :) Ok I'll say Seren just because of the nature of her title and the superstition of the inhabitants of her village.
2. Modern day of course, although I love reading about the era with Paula's storytelling I don't think I could live in the past, I need my modern conveniences too much :)
3. I thought it was comforting I in fact live in a very small rural farming town right on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi River. I do understand her wanting to live near the water but I don't think she did until later.
4. I loved Prince Brynach, he was such a good guy and in the end did all he could for his people, but times were tough and that was reflected in Paula's tale. He held more power.
5. I don't know
6. I like how she reacted to Dylan and I liked how he was a mystery at first too.
7. a Dragon
8. One direction would be the lake could cough up more artifacts from a different time period that both Tilda and Dylan

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