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Angie (amgiammarino) Discussion Questions

1. Who was your favourite character? Why?

2. Lilith had to make some hard choices regarding her family, her duty to the coven, and her love for Bram. Do you think she did the right thing? What might you have done differently in her situation?

3. Whose household would you rather have lived in, Lilith's or Mangan's?

4. Nicholas Stricklend was a very single-minded character. Do you think he was evil, or merely a man convinced what he was doing was right? Or both?

5. Who would you cast in the main roles of a film of The Midnight Witch?

6. The Lazarus Coven had a great responsibility to protect the Elixir and the Great Secret. Do you think they should have shared their knowledge of this gift to help people?

7. Lilith's life after the war was very different from the way she was brought up. In what ways do you think her life improved? How did these changes alter her relationship with Bram?

8. The Midnight Witch is a dark story told in a glittering setting--did you think this juxtaposition was successful, or did you expect something lighter to be set in this glamorous era and section of British society?

9. If there was to be a sequel, have you any thoughts on what you think should happen next?

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Debbie (dhaupt) | 8 comments 1. I loved Lilith but it was Bram in this book who stole my heart. He was such a noble character and a good man.
2. I'm a romantic at heart so what ever is done in the name of love is golden to me and I think Lilith did a great job of fulfilling her witchly duties and being a true love to Bram.
3. Hard choice, but neither.
4. I'm not sure
5. I don't watch enough film to know how to cast
6. You know that's a hard question because like in any case hindsight is not available.
7. I think like anyone going through a war Lilith is shown and reacts with the knowledge that life is short and you never know what tomorrow will bring.
8. I think it worked marvelously
9. Paula could go so many ways with a sequel, starring another character from the novel, or going on a generation perhaps a child of Lilith and Brams they could all work splendidly.

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