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Angie (amgiammarino) Discussion Questions

1. What did you think of the arranged marriage between Cai and Morgana? Which of them did you sympathize with more?

2. How do you feel about Morgana’s speechlessness? How do you think it helped or hindered her developing relationship with Cai? Did it make her harder for you to connect with as a reader?

3. Mrs. Jones became a very important person in Morgana’s life, what did you think of her? How might the story have been different without her?

4. Superstition and the supernatural (arguably!) played a much bigger role in society in 1830 than they do now—how did they impact Morgana’s new life at Ffynnon Las?

5. Did you find the landscape around Ffynnon Las attractive, threatening, or perhaps both?

6. Isolda uses her magic in very different ways from Morgana. Which of them do you think more closely conforms to most people’s idea of a witch? Why?

7. Did you see Reverend Cadwaladr as a victim, or a weak man who should have known the right thing to do?

8. The weather was almost a character in its own right in this book—would you agree with this statement? How much were you affected by it as you read?

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Debbie (dhaupt) | 8 comments 1. I loved both characters from the beginning and sympathized with them too. I understood the marriage and was impressed that Cai went through with it with Morgana's "quirks"
2. Morgana's muteness I think was a better way to get to know her because we only had her thoughts to intimate ourselves with her.
3.I loved Mrs. Jones there could not have been a book without her, she provides background and a tutor for Morgana.
4. Superstition did play an intricate roll in this novel and in the real lives of people of this era, for Morgana it hindered her because she didn't try to hide herself behind vales like Isolda did. And it made her more vulnerable to public hatred.
5. I loved the landscape and fell in love with Paula's descriptions of Wales in that time.
6. Well that would depend on the time period too. I think people today would consider Morgana's witchcraft the norm but at that time most people thought witch = bad/satan etc..
7. Reverend Cadwaladr was like so many "holy" men today, corrupt and weak. Too bad they didn't have the means to out him like we do today :)
8. Oh the weather totally was its own character in the book and Paula's way with words as she described the journey and the homestead.

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