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message 1: by Allison (new)

Allison 56 years and eight days ago a small town went from being quiet and peaceful to suspicious of everyone they pass by on a daily basis. In Cold Blood by Truman Capote provides the detailed description of November 15, 1959 when the Clutter family of small town Holcomb, Kansas was murdered and the process of capturing the perpetrators. Two previous cell mates, recently released, hunt a fortune that is only the figment of their imagination.
In the first part, Capote provides an intertwining of getting to know the Clutter family and the murderers Dick Hickock and Perry Smith. He humanizes the victims instead of just being bodies found in a farmhouse shot at point blank. He makes you want the Clutter family to be your neighbors down the street that you can call on if you need anything. The perpetrators are shown that they aren't heartless even if they are cold blooded killers. They are sons, and brothers, and Dick a husband. Their rough up bringings are no excuses for the humans they turned into today though. They are thieves, and liars, and slaughterers.
Part two of the book continues with Dick and Perry on the run. They constantly have sticky fingers in order for them to survive. There is no thriving for them, they take life day by day. They are not the only ones looking over their shoulders, back in Holcomb rumors blow through the town like breeze through tress. Everyone is suspicious of each other even if they have been friends for decades. When a well loved family is murdered without a trace, do you really trust your neighbor down the block who works in the post office or goes to your church?
Finally part three brings some peace to the the minds of readers. Justice is served and Hickock and Smith will never obtain the treasures they killed for. The Clutters will never see another harvest, and the residents of Holcomb will never get their years of worry back.

message 2: by James (new)

James In Cold Blood is one of a kind, in my view. Balancing the lives of the murdered, the murderers, and townspeople affected gives it a flavor you don't find in other books. In all three groups Capote finds good and bad, as it is in real life. He also expounds on the idea that "somebody" has to pay for the general inequities of life. And sometimes that payback is random. No one is sainted, no one is demonized. All are a part of the very complicated actions and consequences of an often inexplicable world. Putting observation before judgment makes this book unique, and although I have read it through several times, I am not yet done with it. I will read again, and, perhaps, again.

Patricia I read this book many years ago, and I wish I had not read it. The coldness of the murderers has stuck in my mind for decades. I suppose I just don't want to believe that people can be so evil, but I have learned and grown a lot since then and have been able to accept that the dark side exists.

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