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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

Hi, I have just read The Farrowing by Jesse Wheeler, I must say, brillaint!

I'm after a new Splatterpunk/Bizarro novel to disgust me. I'm having trouble finding a book with these piticular themes:

1. Monster Rape/Animal Rape
2. Gore
3. Violence
4. Female Protaganist
5. Sex

I find the monster scenarios exciting, especially when there having there way with girls, I like the idea of escaping, fleeing, fight and fuck... I mean fight or flight, anything around those themes would be great.

Please let me know, If you can recommend some books for me to read please.

Thank you.

message 2: by Mercedes (new)

Mercedes (mudmule99) Howdy! My 1st book has most of your requests in it 1-3, 5

I've never put it in the Bizarro or Spatterpunk genre, but it's in horror and I've been told more than once it was disturbing.

You might be interested. I am having it re-edited currently but the 1st version is still on Kindle and paperback Vengeance of the Werewolf Vengeance of the Werewolf by Mercedes Fox

message 3: by Mercedes (last edited Dec 03, 2015 06:42PM) (new)

Mercedes (mudmule99) Oh and thanks for the book recommend. I'm going to give it a read. sounds like it's my kind of book.

message 4: by Cuniculus (last edited Dec 03, 2015 03:58PM) (new)

Cuniculus Potterton | 2880 comments Takeshi wrote: "1. Monster Rape/Animal Rape
2. Gore
3. Violence
4. Female Protaganist
5. Sex"

I STRONGLY recommend Edward Lee:

The Pig And The House by Edward Lee

The Pig: Sex, sex with animals, monster rape/sex, violence, gore

The Bighead (Author's Preferred Version) by Edward Lee

The Bighead: Violence, gore, sex, monster rape, female main character

The Haunter of the Threshold by Edward Lee

The Haunter of the Threshold: Female protagonist, monster sex, rape, pissing & forced urine drinking

message 5: by Jeff (new)

Jeff Bryan Smith Freakshow, if I'm remembering correctly.

message 6: by Blight (new)

Blight (wolfcreed) Richard Laymon's The Beast House trilogy, Brian Keene's Dark Hollow, and Brian Keene's Castaways.

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