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Kate (infinitelynovel) Having read Cassette 2 (sides A & B), what are your thoughts?

Sandra (thedarkestpartsofsnow) Well, side A: I feel for Hannah, because it is disappointing when a good friend (though Jessica isn't a close friend, is she?!) listens to rumours and decides to believe those rather than the person those rumours are about. It is also disappointing when the crush becomes more important than your friend. But I feel like most teenagers have gone through similar experiences.

Side B: Ok, creepy! I think this is what lots of us fear, right? Some creepy stalker making pictures of us and watch us from afar while we feel safe inside our homes.
What I don't understand though, why wouldn't she change in the bathroom? Which of course doesn't make the whole thing any better, but at least Justin wouldn't have had the chance to see any naked skin.

Kate (infinitelynovel) Sandra, you totally summarised all of my feelings about Cassette 2 and more!

I do have to admit I am finding myself starting to question some of Hannah's actions, especially during side B. I don't know whether this is just because I would do the complete opposite if I were in her shoes (i.e. I would call the police asap if there was a stalker outside my bedroom window).

I do like how the end of each cassette side flows gently into the next: I feel a bit like Clay in that I want to keep hearing Hannah's story. Keep that coffee/caffeine coming...

Cherry (_forevermint)  (_forevermint) | 35 comments I really like hearing Clay's thoughts alongside Hannah's words, they blend together and contrast really well I think. I'm starting to feel nervous for him too, what could he have done that landed him onto those tapes? But at the same time, these incidents that are Sandra said, have probably happened to a lot of people right..? (hopefully not the stalker one though). I need to know more about Hannah to figure out her motives. Side B was a little twisted..but the story has me completely sucked in so far xD

Sandra (gotathingforthings) | 26 comments I really like the story and how it is written so far, but as you guys are saying these are all things that could happen to a lot of people. I wrote in my last post (in the other thingy) that I have a feeling where this story is going, and that feeling is getting stronger and stronger.

I don't really know how I'm feeling about Hannah, like doing this to the people she is sending the cassettes to is really not... nice. Not that they maybe not deserve it, but yeah. I think I will have my thoughts more straight when I'm done with the book.

It is a really intriguing story, but it hasn't really blown me off my feet.

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