Along the Infinite Sea (Schuyler Sisters #3) Along the Infinite Sea question

Reading the books in order?
Kelly Ruffalo Kelly Dec 02, 2015 06:29PM
Hello I recently began reading "Along the Infinite Sea"...only to realize that it is about the youngest Schuyler Sister. Has anyone read these books...and is it ok to be reading this title...before the 1st and 2nd(basically do they need to be read in order)?

Read them in order and just finished ... Infinite Sea. I did not enjoy Tiny Little Thing as much as the others, but I think she redeemed herself with this one!

I read them in order....but I think you would be ok without the back story(ies)

I did not read the previous Schulyer Sister books and I found that it was perfectly fine :) I had read One Hundred Summers which involved the story line of Nick Greenwald so it was interesting to see him pop-up in Along the Infinite Sea. I had a very Elf reaction ("Santa! I know him!") I imagine that's how it would have been if you had read the other two stories prior. Fun, but not totally necessary.

Kelly Ruffalo Thanks. I am reading A Hundred Summers now :)
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Ok...thanks :)

Still reading 1!2 way through

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