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message 1: by Tayler (last edited Jul 19, 2009 07:56AM) (new)

Tayler I'm Tayler, I'm 18 years old. I live in Opa Locka, FL. I love to read, and have been doing so since the age of 4. I read anything excpet Vampire books! I also write, but I perfer to read. I've always wanted to be in a book club, so i hope this one is great!

message 2: by ♥BookGeek♥ (new)

♥BookGeek♥ (bookn) | 19 comments Mod
Hiya people! Me name's BookGeek but you can call me BG!

message 3: by Tayler (new)

Tayler awesome thanks for joining!

message 4: by ♥BookGeek♥ (new)

♥BookGeek♥ (bookn) | 19 comments Mod

message 5: by Tayler (new)

Tayler so what do you think about the upcoming books?

message 6: by ♥BookGeek♥ (new)

♥BookGeek♥ (bookn) | 19 comments Mod
I'm ready to read them! Actually, I'm planning to read 13 Little Blue Envelopes next when I finish the book I'm reading so, I'm excited!

message 7: by Tayler (new)

Tayler Great =) i'm glad you joined, i really want to have a good book club =)
do you have any suggestions for upcoming books?

message 8: by ♥BookGeek♥ (new)

♥BookGeek♥ (bookn) | 19 comments Mod
..... Let me check my books... *surfs book page...*

Melody [not just some girl you can sway] (melo-chan) | 20 comments finally! A small book group! *schemes to be mod*

I'm Melody (obviously) and I love books. I'm going to be thirteen in 5 days, and I live in Pennsylvania. I love animals, especially dogs and horses. I like reading fantasy especially. :)

message 10: by Tayler (new)

Tayler great thanks for joining =)

message 11: by ♥BookGeek♥ (last edited Jul 21, 2009 07:33AM) (new)

♥BookGeek♥ (bookn) | 19 comments Mod
See Tayler, a small book group would not be a bad idea. Although you should have more people, but still...

message 12: by Tayler (new)

Tayler okay, well if you guys want to invite people, go ahead, if not, we can just see if anyone else joins, or we can keep it how it is and make the group private. its up to you guys

message 13: by ♥BookGeek♥ (new)

♥BookGeek♥ (bookn) | 19 comments Mod
No, I mean we SHOULD have more people. But we should invite a couple more, then make this group private.

message 14: by Tayler (new)

Tayler okay =) sounds good! go ahead and invite whoever you think would work, see if they join then we'll make it private =)

message 15: by ♥BookGeek♥ (new)

♥BookGeek♥ (bookn) | 19 comments Mod

჻♪çђℓξч♫჻ | 1 comments Hi! I like this group! I'm Ashley, I'm thirteen. I enjoy reading pretty much any book :) I've been reading since I was little. I live in Pennsylvania. *smile*

message 18: by Tayler (new)

Tayler Thanks for joining =) make sure you vote in the poll for the upcoming book!

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