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Last Name:

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:

Relationship Status:

Full Physical Description:
Dressing Style:





Powers: (For Prestigious Claims Only)







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❣"Do you really want to make that move, sweetheart? I would advise you not to."❣
{First}: Delilah
~Nickname: D
{Middle}: Jinx
{Last}: Baisch
{Age}: 17
{Gender}: Female
{Parental God}: Yue Lao
{Birthday}: March 28th

"I can kill your social life with just a glance and a swift wave of my hand."

❣"Guess not everybody can have these good looks."❣
{Faceclaim}: Amber Heard

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{Eye Color}: Smoky Gray
{Hair Color}: Blonde
{Sexuality}: Lesbian
{Height}: 5 feet 7 inches.

{Dress Style/Wardrobe}: Delilah keeps up with latest fashion trends and she has strong connections within the fashion business because of how well her Mom works and also the shows she has modeled in.
{Special Markings and Accessories}:
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❣"You really want to step to me right now?"❣

{Mental Characteristics}:
{commonly shown characteristics}
Delilah really likes classy stuff like suits and ties and she acts like a lady, unless you push her of the deep edge. Sarcasm is Delilah's second language and she is full of quirks and good comebacks. Delilah can also be driven to be bitchy as well, she will in all her power try to make your life miserable for she is one of the most popular girls in school. Delilah will also keep it real with you, no matter what the consequence is. Delilah is also a very big flirt when it comes to an attractive female, but she's very laid back about her sexuality. If one doesn't like, so sue her.

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{early life}

~Delilah was born in one of the most run down places in New York: The Bronx. What she did for fun was go outside, ride bikes and talk about the local girls. Her father, when Delilah was 5, started to put her in kickboxing and boxing classes. He also taught her how to hotwire a car and to street fight. Her mother approved of her learning these things because she said,"The Bronx is no place for a lady of such high class and standards to not know these things." Li also still has a best friend that she keeps in contact with named Mariah.

At the age of eight years of age, her father and mother got more respectable jobs and ended up moving to Harlem. Her father got a job in construction and her mother got a job at Saks Fifth Avenue.

This was also the time that she had begun to notice these red strings connected to people's pinkies. They would be connected to people and the young girl would notice them and ask her mother, but her mother told her that there was nothing there.
{Teenage/Young Adult}

~Delilah started her rebellious stage at the age of eleven. She would be mean to the meanest of girls and get into a lot of fights, but she would handle herself alright. When she got into the eighth grade, she was deemed the prettiest girl in school, not to mention most popular girl.
When she hit high school, she really didn't have to worry about people messing with her. All she had to worry about was school work and party. She didn't have to worry about clothes because her mother brought home clothes from the place that she worked.

The red strings Delilah saw were getting stronger and eventually came with an explanation. Her biological father came and explained that these strings connected people who were fated to be together. But there was a catch: she couldn't outright tell them but only bring them together. What Delilah heard was," You're a matchmaker now Delilah." She was super excited because now Delilah had a say in everybody's love lives. The other catch was that she herself could not see who her fated person was.

~A Death in The Family
At the age of 15, Delilah's father died of a sudden heart attack the summer of her junior year. The death was really hard on her since her and her father were really close. They came into a lot more money once her father had passed on because Delilah and her mother didn't know that her father had a secret fortune! Her mother was a little hurt that her husband wouldn't tell her such a thing but what could she do about it now?

Delilah has also been in the back of a police car three times. For multiple offenses of different kinds.
First Offense
Delilah had an archnemsis named Natalia and Natalia's father was a part of the Police Force. One day, Natalia and her crew decided to jump Delilah when she was walking home.She fought them, getting a couple of cuts and bruises along the way. When Natalia was done, her father arrived on the scene and blamed Delilah for starting the fight, but one of Natalia's minions betrayed her by saying that Natalia indeed planned the fight. So Delilah was let go and Natalia grounded forever.
~Second Offense
Delilah, when she had made enough money from helping her mom around the store, she had bought an old 1966 Chevrolet SS 396 (view spoiler) that had been stolen and well she was taken in for questioning and well let go when they found the guy who sold it to her. Her mom bought her a brand new 1966 Chevrolet SS 396.
~Third Offense
Delilah had a boyfriend named Keith and Keith was the type of guy that would only date cheerleaders, but he made the exception for her. He thought of her as a pushover and went and cheated on her. What Keith didn't know is that she found out and well stuff happened(see Favorite Memory). Delilah spent a night in jail, but it was so damned worth it.
Delilah then found out Cupid about through a letter that was addressed specifically where she lived in her room, but it was disguised as a very prestigious boarding school so her mother decided to let her go. Now, having been at the school for two, Delilah is part of the clique that throws the best parties, has the best fashion and most of all has the best tastes in love.

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{Continuation of Above}

"My momma didn't raise any busters, that's for damned sure. She taught me,"Honey if some bastard breaks your heart, don't cry, get the hell even."
♤ ♥ ♦ ♧ Favorite Memory♤ ♥ ♦ ♧
"Ah lunch time, time to hang out with my boyfriend!" Delilah smiled and she walked down the aisle of the cafeteria like it was a runway. Li was dressed in the most fashionable clothes of the season and she sat at the table with her crew, some of which she couldn't stand, but she couldn't help but feel sorry for. She looked around for her favorite 'friend' at the moment Renee, but she wasn't there yet. "Have any of you guys seen Renee?" "Last time I checked she went to her locker,"One of the others said. Dammit what was her name? Loni? Oh well Delilah didn't care to remember because they didn't really talk. Her white Louis Vuitton purse vibrated and she took out her white cased iPhone and she looked at the picture and text on the screen from Renee. "Oh mai gawd Del, you'll never believe this! But Keith is cheating on you, with this ugly bitch!" The picture was of Keith, dressed in his usual bad boy attire, kissing the head of the Cheerleading squad: Minnie Valentino. "The fucker!" she slammed her phone down on the table, all the girls started asking questions and Delilah silenced them with a wave of her hand as Keith started to approach them. Delilah pasted a smile on her face. "Hey Babe," His deep baritone voice traveled through the air. "Hey," Delilah moves back as soon as he goes into kiss her. "I just had garlic for lunch...." Delilah lied,"I was just about to leave anyway," At this moment she picks up her glass of water and poured it on top of his head. "That's for cheating on me, you bastard!" She slammed the cup down on the table and she started to walk away.Delilah stops and looked over her shoulder,curly blonde locks falling down her face,"And that's only the beginning."Delilah looks forward and started strutting down the aisle again,her crew getting up to follow her. Before she completely exited the lunch room, she stopped by the Cheerleader table and she gave Minnie the look of death before passing by and the cheerleaders all gasped and Del smiled at her. "You're going to pay for this you know! Do you know how much North Beach Leather Cost? Huh Bitch?" Keith shouted after her.

Delilah looked over her shoulder again,"No and quite frankly I don't care. And you calling me a bitch is a compliment so thank you," Delilah exited the cafeteria fuming but she wasn't going to cry, oh no. She got even. She happened to know that her boyfriend lived on his own so it wasn't going to be to hard to do what she needed to do.
Later that night, Delilah took the bus, dressed in all black, topped off with a mink coat that was from last season. She had a black duffle bag with her as well, full of all the things that she would need. Delilah thought about what she was going to do, and she decided that she definitely was not going to regret anything. The bus stopped and she noticed that it was where she needed to get off. "This is it," Taking a deep breath she stepped off and started walking down the street and turning the corner.
"Out of all the girls he could have chosen to cheat on me with, he chose that lowlife Minnie Valentino! He shouldn't have cheated on me in the first place!" Delilah shook her head and she saw her boyfriend's car. Delilah checked the address to make sure that it was the right house. She pulled out her iPod and put on Jazmine Sullivan's Bust Your Windows and started with her work. She put her duffel bag on hood of the Camaro and pulled out a crowbar, can of white spray paint and a lighter.
Delilah took a deep breath and picked up the white spray paint and started on the paintjob. She soon heard moans from coming inside the house. Great they were banging each other. Delilah started spraying the paint faster and when she was finished, returned to the hood and took the crow bar and broke the windows out and scratched the sides.

"You broke my heart, so I broke your car
You caused me pain, so I did the same
Even though what you did to me was much worse
I had to do something to make you hurt"
"Ain't that the damned truth...." Delilah thought to herself as she carved her initials into the hood. She pulled back, proud of her work and she replaced the can of paint and the crowbar in the bag and put the bag on the ground as she slid off her coat and took up the lighter. Delilah held the jacket out and lit it, throwing it on top of the the hood.
Delilah grabbed her bag and started walking away, a satisfied smirk on her face. Oh the thought of him seeing one of his most prized possessions ruined made her smile. On the car it said," You should feel lucky this is all I did." with her initials in scratched into the body of the car.
Delilah made it home, satisfied with what she had done. All that she had done she wouldn't regret it at all.
The next morning she woke up to a knocking on the door and she answered it, seeing a police officer there.
"Are you Delilah Baisch?"
"Yes officer, I am. What can I help you with?"
"You're going to have to come with me, you're under arrest," The officer told Delilah to follow him and she got in the back of the Police Car, not even fighting or trying to make a break for it. When they got down to the Station they asked her a whole bunch of questions on why she did it and she said," Simple. He broke my heart so I had to make him pay some kind of way." She had to spend one night in jail and then she was free to go.

~Playlist from the Soul
~Diva By Beyoncé
~Flawless by Beyoncé
~Work B**tch-Britney Spears

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❣"I'm the Queen around here, you're just a bitch trying to be noticed."❣
{First}: Madison
~Nickname: Madi
{Middle}: Alice
{Last}: Montenegro
{Age}: 17
{Gender}: "Isn't that Apparent or are you blind?"
{Parental God}: N/A
{Birthday}: July 8th

❣"I like being the center of attention. Try to steal my spotlight, I'll make your life a living hell"❣

(view spoiler)
Fᴀᴄᴇ Cʟᴀɪᴍ: (view spoiler)
Madison has brown eyes, but be careful when looking into them cause she can stare down into your soul with them and dig out your deepest secrets. Her hair color is what she decides it will be, but her natural color is a honey brown, but she dyes it darker. Madison's skin is slightly sun kissed and she is damn proud of it, she says its a,"Guy Magnet." While most girls are self conscious about their bodies, Madison thinks that she is hot and guys and girls alike tend to think so as well. Madison has a medium frame and she has slight curves that can kill. Madison had to keep her weight low for her former job of an actress so she is about 125. Madison stands at about five feet six inches when she is not wearing her high heels.
{Special Markings and Accessories}: "Well let's see... I have a couple of piercings. My ears and my belly button and two-no-three tats."
(view spoiler)

❣"Mhmmm, you look yummy. Come here and talk to me."❣

{Mental Characteristics}:

{commonly shown characteristics}
♥Self Centered
♥Verbally Abusive
Madison loves to stir the pot and create drama. Drama is one of the reasons for her whole existence and she loves to cause trouble. Madison, since she has had experience on the big and small screen, is very persuasive. When this girl is not looking at herself in the mirror, she is talking about herself like she is the best thing since the Internet. Madison has a huge and I'm talking HUGE ego, blame it on Hollywood I guess you could say. Insult Madison and she will lash back out at one, tearing them down with a verbal whip. Also being from Hollywood, she keeps up with the latest fashion trends.

➥Around Strangers
Madison, being who she is, is very confident when talking to strangers. If said stranger is attractive, she will most definitely try to pursue them in any form she can. If you are a stranger and you insult her in any way, shape, or form she will have no problem making your life miserable.

➥Around Family
Madison is not the confident person she is around her family, as her family is not all that warm. Madison's mother is well, quoting her," A horse humping lying backstabbing thundercunt." So that being settled, you can kind of see how her family life is.

➥Around Authority
"Don't even get me started."
Madison gets along with the authority when they're not dragging her to jail.

The Beach
Coffee(Specifically Cappuccinos)
Talking About Herself

Not having something fit her as far as clothes
The Store Not having her size
A Low Wave Day
When her coffee is not prepared to her specifications
Madison smokes and is a sex addict. That's pretty much the only bad habits she has.
Something that you should know about Madison: She has a heart murmur. Madison was born with it and she has to keep it under close surveillance.

The Following takes on an Interview Format with the Author.

{early life}
Hello Madison, great for you to join us.

Its great to be here. We're talking about one of my favorite subjects: Me.

Well enough with the pleasantries, lets get down to business.


So Madison, where were you born?

I was born in L.A. The mega city for sun, sand, surf, and sex. But, as I was told, we were a lot less fortunate than we are now. I don't know who my sperm donor of a father is and my Mother... We're not going to get into that. In fact, I really don't remember anything before my fame, except when I got my start.

How did you get your claim to fame?

My Birthday fell on a Tuesday that year. Who the hell has a party on a Tuesday? Not this girl. I remember my mother taking me into this gloomy office and asking to see this certain scout and I remember being taken into this room. I was sitting on Mom's lap(you know, when she wasn't such a wreck for me to talk to) and she was saying to me," Now do the things that I have been teaching you dear... You definitely have the looks going for you...." They called my name after what seems like hours and Mother put me down on my feet and told me," Go with the nice lady Maddi..."

I was nervous. Can you believe me, Madison Montenegro, nervous?

Anyway I took this lady's hand and looked up at her, wondering where she was going to take me. All of a sudden, we were walking toward these huge doors. They were really decorative and really big. The scout lady person I was following opened these doors and they opened up to a huge stage. The lady then proceeded to tell me," Go stand on stage dear, I'll tell you when to start." So I walked up there, trying to calm my nerves, to the big stage.
I didn't know that this moment would change my life forever.
Standing in the middle of the stage, I heard a voice say,"Begin." So I started to sing. The song was... If my memory serves me correctly was Colors of The Wind from Pocahontas.
A week later, they sent Barry Yates, the best Agent they had and one of the best in the business. And ever since then I've been acting. I've acted in many movies and tv shows.

When did you find out about being a Cupid?
Well it wasn't easy and a bit complicated. I was in my backyard about to get into the pool when I got a text from one of my flings at the time. My god that bod is still on my mind. Anyway, since I was sitting on the edge of the pool I had my feet in the pool but then I guess I started to feel weird... Then it dawned on me, all the people I've set up in the past were still together which was great really, but as for me and my shitty love life where the hell was my perfect person huh? Well that all changed when I got a letter from this fancy school full to the brim of beautiful people, so of course I was in.

"This life I'm living is way better than yours."

Do You like your Job?
I actually do. Except for my manager, Johan. He is such a drag and he treats me like I'm a bitch, supposed to be there at every beck and call of his. It was truly a miracle when he got injured from a falling sandbag. With my job, I have learned how to deal with all sorts of people and all sorts of forms of media as well.

Why do you not like your mother?
Why? There is a multitude of reasons why. She's been making money off of me ever since I was small and she is the reason why my agent's assistant Scarlet( Love you Scar!) told me to take a break.

As you know, I like my drugs so I had gotten a reasonable amount of coke not for me, but for a friend of mine. My mother, while I was sleeping, decided to snort half of it and blamed the drug possession on me. I didn't even get it for myself, I was getting it for someone else. Ugh, I just cannot stand that woman at all.

All that, plus the fact that she was never really there for me once I became famous and started to make money. That's when I met Scarlet, Barry's assistant. Scarlet was always there for me at my practices and she makes me smile and feel at ease. I consider her the motherly figure in my life, even though she is like 8 years older than me.

Barry and Scarlet are the parental figures in my life, mainly because I feel comfortable around them.

Where are you now in your life?
Currently, I still causing hell but now I'm causing hell at this school.

I think that I could get used to this type of life, it's not a bad change from the glitz and glamour.


~Playlist from the Soul
~Bitch I'm Madonna
~Another Lonely Night
~Blah Blah Blah
~Take it Off

❣"I'm Madison Montenegro Bitch and don't you forget it. You're dismissed."❣

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