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Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) for horse-riding practice and mock battles

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) Elizabeth arrived at swords.

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Grace walked into the stables. She put the saddle on her pitch black stallion. She mounted her horse. She held the reins with one hand and pulled up her hoodie with the other.

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) Elizabeth heard footsteps.

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Grace looked at the building. A single tear ran down her cheek.

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) "You have horses and archery now, Mademoiselle Harper," informed Mme. SanGreal, the swords instructor. She was an ageing woman with clear blue eyes and long gray hair turning white who hardly ever smiled. "Monsieur Oyan should be waiting."

Elizabeth ran over to the stables. She borrowed a pint-sized brown Arabian from the academy stables who reminded her of her and tended to lick and drool on her.

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Gracee turned her back, she rode into the forest.

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) Who was that? Elizabeth wondered. Why was she leaving?
she wasn't brave enough to ask anyone about it.

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Sarah | 345 comments Drea arrived in the stables. Her black stallion awaited her, neighing as she passed.
"Hey Ashbury. We're going to be going on a ride. I need your best performance." Drea pet Ash's mane, just as Bellator and Tamara walked into the stables.

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Sarah | 345 comments ((I got the message. Thanks for the notice though. Emma will be missed.))

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Sarah | 345 comments Drea was surprised, to say the least. Bellator, selfish? No. But duties call.
Drea smirked. "In what nation, may I ask has your Adaigo won the national championship? Ashbury is a leading mount in the Arabian Equestrian Competion. She is a natural-born sprinter, to say the least."
Drea was beginning to feel overprotective now.

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Sarah | 345 comments Drea was starting to like where this was heading now.
"A race, it is then. Prepare your mount and meet me at the gate. Whoever finds Grace first, wins."
Drea walked over to the supply closet, to grab a saddle.

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Sarah | 345 comments Bellator finally walked out of the Stables. Drea was growing impatient.

"Finally. Now that you're here lets confirm the information of the race. Whoever finds Grace first?"

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Sarah | 345 comments "I think we should let you decide. And then I will agree. Only to give you a little motivation." Drea faked a smile towards Bellator, her nerves anxious as she prepared her inner self for a race.

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Sarah | 345 comments " A simple drink? Okay. The race is on. " Drea was bustling with nerves. She could win this. She has to.

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Sarah | 345 comments Bellator was being unusual. Drea decided to focus on the race, she swept through the familiar trees.

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Sarah | 345 comments (( Continue in the Mysterious Woods.))

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Sarah | 345 comments Her last visit to the lawns, brought Drea a visit from The Crows and an astonishing revelation. As she recalled her earlier experience, Drea froze, "They had not arranged a funeral for Grace. Nor mentioned it to anyone." A sick feeling settled in her stomach as Bellator dawned the a same realization.

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Sarah | 345 comments Drea ran to the stables, Bellator at her feet. She grabbed Ashbury, saddled him up and mounted.

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Sarah | 345 comments Drea bent down, bile rising in her throat. Grace's face had become gray, her body radiating a rancid smell. Drea and Bellator carried the body to the side of the river where they had dug a hole, large enough to fit Grace's body. A large tree, filled with spring's early buds spread out its branches over the soon-to-be grave.

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Sarah | 345 comments Drea nods and gets down on her knees, she hands Bellator a flower wreath.

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Sarah | 345 comments Drea lowered Grace into the grave. All her emotions felt hollowed as Bellator began to cry. Drea and Bellator alternated as each of them dumped a handful of soil on Grace's body.

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) Tamara followed them onto the lawn.

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Sarah | 345 comments Drea decided to ignore Tamara's presence. She had been gone for days, with no letter to tell them where she was going. Drea shook her head in disappointment. The grave was covered with soil and a layer of jasmine buds. Grace was for sure gone. Drea reached for Bellator and Tamara's hands-putting all questions aside- , she lowered her head and closed her eyes.

Lyd's Archive (7/'15 to 6/'18) (violabelcik) Tamara nodded and gave a short Orthodox prayer in Russian. She felt bad for not getting to know the girl more, but they were eight years apart and she didn't seem to want to talk much.

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Sarah | 345 comments ((Drea and Bellator continue in Dorm))

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