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Rebekah | 126 comments Here it is!

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Rebekah | 126 comments Sure! Personally I like to rp personality and history

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Rebekah | 126 comments Name: Josefina Isabel Flores
Age: 17
Appearance: Josefina is very petite, standing at only 5 feet. She has an hour glass figure, but is not super thin. She has long brown hair with red undertones. Her eyes are wide and round, their color is dark brown. Her fingers are caulused from playing her multitude of insruments.

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Rebekah | 126 comments ((let's start!))

Josefina walked down the hall to the office. New school for senior year, this was probably the worst thing that could possibly happen. She rubbed her thumb against her class ring. The move wasn't announced until after she got it, but it was nice to have something to remind her of home. She pulled open the door to the office. "Good mornin' what can I do for you?" asked the lady at the front desk. She had a heavy southern accent.
"Yes, I'm here for my schedule and to take a picture for my ID."
"Name please."
"Josefina Isabel Flores"
"Here's your schedule sweetie."

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Rebekah | 126 comments "Go ahead, and make your copies." The office woman said. Josefina looked back and saw a boy. He was much taller than her. Everyone here was a lot taller than her. When people saw her the first thing they said was that she was short, like it was something new to her. "Alright Sugar, come back here so we can go take your photo." Josefina walked behind the desk and stood in front of the camera. "Smile!" She humored the woman and gave her a small grin.

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Rebekah | 126 comments Josefina's schedule had finished printing, when she walked back to the front of the desk and woman handed her the schedule. She leaned over trying not to touch the guy with her arm. "If I may ask, the music room is there any times where it's open for use without anybody in there?"
"Well usually all of them are being used. Lunch is a good time to go. Oh but there's one that no one uses in the back of the school because it's supposed to be haunted."
"Okay, thank you I'll keep that in mind." Josefina slipped past the guy and looked down at her schedule, AP calculus BC. "What a lovely way to start my day." she said sarcastically.

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Rebekah | 126 comments Josefina looked at the boy curiously, "What kinda band? Punk rock? Country? Or a classic cover band that likes to mix it up?" She was classically trained, from anything ranging from piano to the french horn or to the cello. But she did have interest in other kinds of music, well anything except electronica or dubstep. "I'm Josefina by the way, I'm gonna assume you were ease dropping into my conversation?" she probed.

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Rebekah | 126 comments "Nice meeting you too," she said with a smile. Maybe this place wasn't gonna be too bad. Josefina continued to walk to her class. "Friday huh? Do you really want to do this Finita?" She asked herself.

((want to jump to the auditions?))

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Rebekah | 126 comments Josefina had thought about the auditions all week. Although it would help her with her lack of friends problem she needed to focus on getting into the University of Miami. If she got into their music program then she was guarenteed to be able to go home. In the end she decided not to audition, she would still go to the store that day though. Josefina had called and asked if she could try out the recording equipment. One of the benefits of the move was that her dad said she could finally set up her at home recording studio. The bell rang when she walked through the door. As she walked to the desk she noticed Henry sitting with a group of guys. "Hello sir I called earlier about recording equipment."
"Yes, right this way. No one else has requested today so spend as much time as you would like."
Josefina and went into the recording booth and began to set up. She peessed the button and began to record. "Oh Ohoh, I'll get by, Oh ohoh I'll survive. When the world's crashing down when i fall and hit the ground, I will turn myself around don't you try and stop me!" she sang the chorus to Alice.

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Rebekah | 126 comments Josefina finished the song and went outside of the booth to listen to the recording. On her way out she bumped into Henry. "Hi!" She leaned in for what for her was a typical kiss on the cheek greeting. He leaned back, Josefina was confused my this reaction. "Do you guys not say hi like that here?" She walked over to play the recording. "Um listen sorry i did

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Rebekah | 126 comments ((ghaa my phone didn't let me finish!!))

"audition. I really need to focus on my college audition." She looked down apologetically. "I hope you find someone."

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Rebekah | 126 comments ((dum dee dum dum....))

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Rebekah | 126 comments "Sorry, I'm just really used to Hispanic culture and traditions. Even if you have family visiting and they're staying at your house you have to give them a kiss when you see them in the morning." she rambled. She pressed play to playback the recording. "And I don't think that singing will help for a wind ensemble." She looked back at where the rest of the band was sitting. "Tell you what, I'll audition and if no one else does I'll do it. But if someone else that you guys like tries, I'll be there to help you guys."

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