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There was few things that Sloane hated more than the first of January. New Years Eve was one of her favorite holidays because it was one of the only days where she was expected to go out and party so she loved it. The day after, she wasn't so keen on. Thankfully, she'd been a lot smarter that year and had celebrated the new year for five minutes in her common room instead of going out like she usually did because she really didn't want to have to deal with a hangover. So Sloane was lounging on her bed, texting about the latest issue of the Cupid Chronicle when her door opened and she raised her eyebrow at the sight of her friend. "Well aren't you just a picture of loveliness," she commented sarcastically.

((Is that alright?))

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ᵉˡˡᵃ Theresa was so sick of the Cupid chronicle. Usually she liked it, because she was able to talk shit about a bunch of people at school, it gave her somethings to talk about. But when it said things about her, no, worse, when it said things about her and her boyfriend, Orion, she got seriously pissed off. Last night, she and Orion had gone to a party in town, and Reese had a lot of booze and a lot of fried foods, and contrary to what the whole school thought, she'd made out with Orion all night, and after all the making out, they went back to his dorm and had a great night. So when she woke up to some shit about him kissing another girl, she was annoyed as hell, and going to Sloan's room. She had a headache, and she pushed open the door, slamming it behind her "Don't be a bitch." She said, smirking back at her friend and flopping onto her bed. "I just really need coffee. Did you read the chronicle?? That shit is so fake, I was with him all night. Literally ALL NIGHT. Sloan I am so done." She said, but really, she was going to talk about it for another few days before she was done.

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Sloane laughed airily at her friends and pushed herself off her bed, padding over to the coffee machine she had. Her room was bigger than a lot of them and filled with designer everything just because Sloane felt like it. Turning it on, she leaned against the counter, facing Reese who was lying on her bed. "Oh please, you know the chronicle. It's hardly ever believable but you have to believe all of it because they put honest information in it from time to time. Don't bother with it Reese. Worst cases scenario, you'll get sympathy from girls and attention from boys because they think you'll be single if you aren't already," she assured her friend. "But you were with him all night through right? Because Scarlett's really pretty and she's got that charm thanks to her father," Sloane couldn't help but add, hoping that it wasn't true for her friend's same but worrying that there could be some merit to the rumours the chronicle had decided to spread.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ Reese let out a terribly loud groan when Sloan tried to look on the bright side of the situation. "I don't want any pity! Orion didn't cheat on me. I don't want girls to feel bad for me, I want them to be, I dunno, afraid of me. That would be better than pity. Why couldn't they write about me being a serial killer? Or one of those girls that collects locks of people's hair or something?" She asked, truly in a pity fit of her own. Theresa wasn't used to this shit. She laid on her stomach in her pretty yellow nightie, watching her bet friend make her coffee. Sloan was so great, Theresa just wished she could be as carefree as she was. A sigh escaped her lips and she shook her head "He wasn't with her Sloan, I swear. He was with me the entire night. I even posted a picture of us kissing at midnight, but whatever, people probably won't believe me." She whined, using her puppy dog eyes on Sloan.

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Sloane set the cups in the machine and pressed the button, listening to Theresa complain as the coffee poured out. Taking the two cups, she walked back over to the bed, trying not to spill the coffee as she laughed. "So you'd honestly prefer people to think that you're a serial killer rather than having them think Scarlett Garcia stole your man?" She asked once her laughter had died down some. After handing a cup to Reese, she took a sip of her own. She loved a good cup of coffee which was the reason she had the brew come right from her favourite coffee shop from back home. "Don't look at me like that Reese. And no, you're right. I highly doubt that anyone will believe you. For all they know, that was just some random picture of the two of you kissing. The only way to take everyone's minds off this story is to give them another one. One about Scarlett," Sloane mused, taking another long drag from her mug.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ Theresa gratefully accepted the mug of coffee from Sloan, and took a big sip from it as soon as the mug was encased in her hands. "You make such good coffee..." Reese mused, taking anther sip just seconds later. She wanted to leave all of this business behind her, but she couldn't do something like that, she couldn't just forget that someone thought Orion was unfaithful. "I would feel bad spreading a story about Scarlett. It's not her fault that people are making up rumors, she probably doesn't know anything about it." Theresa said, her eyes slanted over the Sloan. "Why can't we just find an even bigger, more important story? Wouldn't that be better? One that doesn't involve Scarlett??" She asked, hoping it would be true. She just wanted to move on and be with Orion and go to parties without people whispering about them. She didn't want to destroy some girl that probably had nothing tondo with the story in the first place.

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Sloane sighed and shook her head, resting her mug on her leg as she gave Theresa a sympathetic look. "Oh honey. No. That's not better. There was a big story about Orion cheating on you and I know you two. You're smitten. There's no way either of you would cheat on each other. Point is, the only way to stop people talking about the two of them, is give one of you three another piece of drama worth talking about," Sloane explained to her, taking another sip of coffee before continuing. "The Cupid Chronicle loves a specific list of things. Break ups, cheating, new relationships, fights, embarrassing moments and anything in anyway scandalous. So sticking to that logic, you or Orion need to cheat, breakup, get in a new relationship, have a public fight or doing something extremely embarrassing. And since you won't do any of those, it means that we have to say Scarlett did," she finished in a matter of fact voice before taking another drag of her coffee.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ Theresa supposed Sloan was right, and let a rush of air vibrate between her lips for a moment. "So we need bigger drama. Fighting fire with fire." She muttered, guzzling down some more coffee as she got to thinking. They needed to be the ones with bigger guns, but Reese didn't want the embarrassment of having everyone think her boyfriend cheated on her. "What if I were the one to be the drama?" She suggested to Sloan, finishing her coffee and placing the mug on the floor as she sat up to face her friend. "What if I pretended to cheat on Orion. Then you could put in a tip and I could put one in claiming that we're even now?" Reese thought the idea was a good one, a way to show that she was untouchable. "I mean, is have to get Orion's permission. And I need the other guy to really think I want him, so everyone will believe it..." She rambled, hopping off the bed to rummage through Sloan's pantry.

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Sloane leaned back where she was sitting, looking at Theresa over the rim of her coffee mug as she listened to her suggestion. She had to admit that she was impressed with Reese's guts and she could definitely see where she was coming from. If everyone was going to think that Orion would cheat on her then it only seemed right to make everyone think that she'd cheat on Orion. "Well I guess your 'super couple' status has already been tainted with that accusation," Sloane reasoned as she drained the end of her coffee. She mulled over Reese's suggestion and eventually nodded before turning to look as she went through her food. "If you eat the Reese's Pieces I will kill you because I'm saving them for heartbreak. But I'm totally in on your idea. So what guy are you deeming worthy to cheat on with?" she asked, pulling the tie from her hair and letting it tumble down her back.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ Reese felt proud of herself when Sloan seemed to like the idea. It wasn't that Reese searched for Sloan's approval, but her best friend was a very smart girl, so if she liked the idea, it was bound to work. "Heartbreak?" She asked, rolling her eyes "You don't get heartbroken." Theresa said, grabbing the candy and tearing open the package as she trotted back over to the bed. She stuffed a few in her mouth an held the bag out to Sloan, trying to share "I'll get you more." She promised, a sweet little smile on her face. "I don't really know. I haven't been paying much attention since Orion and I got together. Is anyone that's really hot available? You said guys would give me attention for this article, I could just pick one of them?" She suggested, crunching around the candy in her mouth. "The only problem with the plan is Orion. He might not want me cozying up to some other guy..." Reese pursed her lips, wondering how her boyfriend would react to it all.

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Sloane pouted when Reese opened her candy, crossing her arms and throwing her a filthy look. She knew that Theresa was immune to her look by now but her glares were able to shake the best of them no matter the circumstance. "Just because I don't have a boyfriend," she muttered to herself, almost caving when she held the bag out to her. She had an internal struggle as she looked at the candy, desperately wanting some but knowing she shouldn't. With a sigh, she shook her head. "No. I'm fine," she answered, rolling her eyes at the offer. "Yeah, you better," she warned playfully even though she was being serious. Tapping her finger against her chin, she started to think about the hot guys that were currently available. "Well there's Jace Cambridge. He's single and has that rugged smoulder. There's Luke Richardson. The guy is terribly hot with impeccable taste. He's always dressed amazing. There's Damon but...well he's Damon. Everyone sees you two together so no one would actually believe that you'd cheat because you're too flirty in a friendly way and that route has already been exhausted by the chronicle," she informed her, waving her worries about Orion off. "He will and if he doesn't, you can convince him. You've been domesticated for a while but you can still totally seduce the answer you want out of him."

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ᵉˡˡᵃ Theresa crunched and crunched, flopping all around on Sloane's bed while her friend talked about her options. "Jace is very cute... Like seriously cute. But I think he's too fragile. If I lead him on and shit, then drop him like yesterday's trash...well I think it might actually hurt the poor guy." She said, trying not to take down any innocents in her game to save her reputation. "Now I don't think Luke would have any problem being used...do you?" She asked, truly wondering. She wanted Sloane's real opinion, not just for her to spew what Reese wanted to hear, which Sloane never did. That was one of the many reasons why Reese loved her so much; she was a blunt bitch. Theresa rolled her eyes at the other blonde, scoffing loudly. "We aren't domesticated." She said, but really, she knew they were, and she loved it. Loved it as much as she loved Orion. "And being domesticated doesn't mean I can't seduce him, you know that's my favorite thing to do." She purred, wiggling her eyebrows teasingly, though the words she spoke were no joke.

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Sloane nodded, quickly seeing where Reese was coming from. She was lucky that she thought of that one. Sloane would have just rushed in and played that boy like a fiddle without caring that he could actually get hurt by it. "You're totally right. The guy would get all mopey and then you'd probably get Aurora after you. But he's too into honesty and all that kind of stuff," she agreed with a nod. She sighed internally at her observation, really feeling just how much she needed to get a life. Sure she liked her life and it was pretty awesome but she knew way too much about other people. "I think if anything, Luke would love to help you out. If you tell him, he'd totally help you out. You spend ten minutes in the boutique in town and you can totally tell how much the guy likes to mess with people. Plus he's in Freyja and they all love to break up relationships, even if it's pretend," Sloane told her, pulling her hair back up into a ponytail. She scoffed in reply at her comment, smirking at her friend. "You two are more domesticated than my baby Celeste. But that's perfect because it means you can totally get him to do it," she laughed as she tightened her ponytail.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ Theresa nodded, glad that Sloane agreed with her about Jace. He was too nice of a guy, too much of a target. She needed someone that would work with her, someone like Luke. "You think he would do it?" I could purposely run into him and ask him what he would think of pretending to sleep with me... Think he would go for it?" She asked. Sloane probably knew more about the guy than she did, Theresa wasn't sure if she'd ever even spoken to him before. She must've, though, at one time or another. "He can't tell anyone it's fake though. The only ones that can know it's fake is me, you, him and Orion." She reiterated, nervous that someone would tattle on her and ruin the whole thing. She wanted her reputation clear, and she wanted to trick the chronicle. What she didn't need was a huge mess, or even the possibility of Orion dumping her. "I have to talk to him before I do it, though. Or he won't believe me that it's fake." She worried her bottom lip, glancing at her phone.

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Sloane nodded in answer, completely sure that Luke would go for it. He was the kind of guy that would play along just to have a little fun but if he needed more convincing, Sloane was more than happy to help Reese out by getting him whatever he wanted. Within reason of course. Honestly, she thought that Theresa was better than this but since it wasn't going to hurt anyone, Sloane was glad she'd be able to stir up a bit of drama to make life interesting. "He'll definitely go along with it. And don't worry about it. I'll talk to him. He's not close with anyone. He's more of a charmer that sticks to himself. He'll cause some trouble when it suits him but he's in it for himself so I just have to tread lightly and hope he read the chronicle this week," she assured her, finding it cute that she was worrying. Sloane had never really been one to worry about things. She just went with the flow, meddled a bit and usually ended up getting her way when it came to it. "So call him, text him, screw him, whatever. If you want to do it, he needs to be on board," she agreed, nodding towards Reese's phone.

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