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What are your top seven John Cheever stories?
deleted member Dec 02, 2015 11:23AM
The universal fame of Cheever's two stories 'The Swimmer' and 'The Enormous Radio' has actually undermined the perfection of many other pieces. I would like to know which other stories are on Cheever top list, in your opinion?

Heath (last edited Dec 16, 2019 02:04PM ) Dec 16, 2019 02:04PM   1 vote
I agree wholehearted with all these choices above! And would only like to add:
The Day The Pig Fell In the Well (gah!)
Boy in Rome
The Housebreaker of Shady Hill

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Dec 16, 2019 08:41PM

I nominate, just to start:

"The Country Husband"
"The Season of Divorce"
"The Angel at the Bridge"
"The Sorrows of Gin"

Chris (last edited Feb 01, 2018 07:56PM ) Feb 01, 2018 07:55PM   0 votes
My seven favourite short stories by John Cheever:
1. The Five-Forty-Eight
2. The Torch Song
3. The Enormous Radio
4. The Swimmer
5. O Youth and Beauty!
6. Reunion
7. The Country Husband
8. Goodbye, My Brother
9. The World of Apples
10. Artemis, the Honest Well Digger
[OK, I cheated, that's more than seven. But how could I leave the last three out?]

His short stories are the best – especially “The Swimmer.” I think “The Children” is too often neglected.

Well you already named two of the best, specially The Swimmer which eclipses most of his other stories. I also love the one about a reunion of father and son, if I remember correctly it is just called "The Reunion"

I liked the "country husband" and the "swimmer" so far. Brilliant stuff.

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