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Kathi | 3108 comments Mod
SPOILERS only through Chapters 5-6 of Book 1 (The Sea Does Not Dream of You) and Chapters 7-9 of Book 2 (Eaters of Diamonds and Gems).

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Kathi | 3108 comments Mod
There has been a lot of build-up in the Letheras sections, as we see the Bonehunters preparing to head east. Little vignettes with the various soldiers and officers.

I found the meeting with Shurq, Janath, and the 14th princess and her handmaiden to be puzzling. I have no idea what it really was about and think it probably was important but don't know why.

I think one of my favorite storylines so far is the group traveling with Taxiloan and Breath. Very intriguing...

It's an understatement to say that things are really building up, but they are. Of course, they have been for 8 volumes already. But I can feel that tension ratcheting up, even as Erikson introduces new storylines.

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Helen Yes, the princess is clearly more deadly than she appears.
Pores is amusing me what with the battle between him, Kindly and the sisters.

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