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Dust of Dreams (Malazan Book of the Fallen, #9)
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Kathi | 3152 comments Mod
SPOILERS only through the Prologue and Chapters 1-4 of Book 1 (The Sea Does Not Dream of You).

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Kathi | 3152 comments Mod
How interesting to get some chapter POVs with the K'Chain Che'Malle. I don't know if we will come to view them more sympathetically or not, since previously we've only encountered them as killing machines or in the form of the mad Matron who tormented Toc while he was the prisoner of the Pannion Seer.

I'm not getting a good vibe about the White Faced Barghast here, either.

And I have no idea what to make of the snake of children.

I feel like lots of things are being set in motion--as if we didn't have enough plot threads to keep straight.

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How could I have neglected to mention Fiddler's reading of the Deck of Dragons? Cryptic, powerful stuff. No card for Tavore? Tarthenal Toblakai as Herald of Life? Would that be Karsa? Seems unlikely.

Just wondering what other people thought of the reading.

Helen Yay Karsa. Wasn't he taking about saving the world at the end of the last book, possibly by destroying a lot of it to save it.

Fiddler, card reading and fiddle playing. Major adept apparently. Still these Malazan nations surprise us. We also had hints about the two children that went over my head!

The snake is mystifying. I can't even decide where they come from unless it is to do with all those adults dying from the black goo but wasn't that in a different continent?

As usual there was humour, Fiddler and .... drunk marine?

What is Tavore up to.

Helen Oh and kchain!

In machinery, is that connected to Icarium? The layers that led up to the matron/queen labelled root, womb etc. That made me wonder what they were in. Usually they seem to be in the flying ships/moon, so the names seemed odd. Made me wonder what they were in, what could be big enough? Dragon? Too small I'd think.

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