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Every Day pg. 1-111

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Alexander Drake "Every Day" has an interesting way of introducing characters, specifically the main character, A. Please remember not to confuse this book character with the "Pretty Little Liars" villain of the same name. A is very quickly thrown at you with very little exposition at the beginning of the story. (1 Levithan) You understand much more about the body that they’re in (Justin, for the beginning of the story), than you do about A, since A is a seemingly non-corporeal entity that exists just for the heck of it. (2 Levithan) Levithan uses much of the first section of the book describing how an outsider would be much more adept at assessing human nature than we ourselves are. By the time you read up to the point where A meets the main love interest, Rhiannon, you are still in the dark about many of the things that cause it to happen, or how A functions, or really anything about A at all. Normally I am fully against ‘Love at First Sight’, but in this story, it really works, since A understands a lot of how Rhiannon and Justin’s relationship works from the get-go. (Levithan 8) Rhiannon is a girl in an emotionally abusive relationship with Justin and A takes over his body for the day. They take Rhiannon to a beach for the day and they just have a nice time. (Levithan 13-14) The story introduces the two characters that are most important very quickly but manages to make them both rather believable, and A’s love actually seems legitimate.

Kaitlyn Olschlager In Every Day, A is a very unique person who doesn't have any friends mainly because he can't. He falls in love with a girl named Rhiannon who has a bad boyfriend at the time. Rhiannon doesn't realize it right away that he treats her like as good as he should until A is very blunt with her. A learns that he cannot have a relationship with his daily routine of being in a different body every day. This book truly makes me feel like there is hope for these two because of how A describes his feelings in his thoughts and his words to Rhiannon.

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