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Cecilia London Fast food is a staple of the American diet. Most Americans have fond memories of enjoying a kid's meal from McDonald's on the way home from a sports practice or on a road trip. The convenience and generally good-tasting food have drawn in the masses. Depending on who you ask, this revolutionary way of serving food can be seen as good or bad. Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation has been deemed a modern-day offering of the historically notorious novel, Upton Sinclair's The Jungle. Fast Food Nation dares to show the dark side of these "sacred" American fast food chains. Behind the happy grins of their mascots, the disturbing truth lurks.
The book is split into two parts "The American Way" and "Meat and Potatoes" . "The American Way" acquaints the reader with the history of fast-food restaurants, what life is like behind the counter, and all about the franchise business. The innovation these fast food moguls have brought about is incredibly impressive and somewhat scary. The tactics the french-fry kingpins use to keep costs down and revenue high may seem downright detestable. The next section, "Meat and Potatoes", brings us to the sicken facts of how our food is produced and packaged. The truth about food flavorings, meat-packing plants, and food-borne illnesses are all revealed in this part of the expose. These stomach-churning chapters will leave you outraged at the means the fast-food industry uses to keep their costs low. A warning, you might not want to read this section before eating.
Fast Food Nation breaks down the bright and shiny facade of American citizens' favorite places to get a speedy bite to eat. This book's audience is for all unknowing fast-food customers, almost all Americans. It is an extremely worthwhile read. The more people who know the truth about these companies, the stronger the opposition against the ghastly operations of fast food chains will become. If all of us show our outrage, we can get the companies to change their ways and provide us with food produced with integrity. Fast Food Nation can be purchased at all national book stores and online.

Cynda -Fast Food Nation- started ke on the way to eat healthier, a way I am still learning to follow.
I sometimes find it necessary/semi-necessary to grab somethjng to eat/drink from the McDonalds in my Walmart. I try to stick to tea.
The truth is I could just buy a snack from Walmart grockperies and eat that instead. I am making that an option from now on.

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