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message 1: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay (sleepykitty) | 129 comments Ok, 2016 is coming up fast! It'll be kind of busy with three kids and starting classes, and I didn't think I'd read as much as I have this past year. But I want to try and say I'll read at least a book a month. Maybe two. My huge saga is behind me, I'm not looking for another one.

So, let's shoot for 20 this year :). At least a book a month! :). Happy Hour Holidays, everyone!

message 2: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay (sleepykitty) | 129 comments Mini Challenge: Genres

I need to branch out, get some new experiences. Below are genres I want to choose from (at least one each for the year) and personal suggestions from my To-Read.

(Sherlock Holmes)

Thriller/ Suspense
Latest Dante's Inferno installment? Do you know anything like it that I might want????

Science Fiction
(Hitchhiker's Guide)


(I need to read my first Stephen King that isn't On Writing. I live near him FFS). What is the King book you'd recommend for a newbie? Not Carrie or Pet Semetary.

message 3: by Sonya (new)

Sonya marie madden | 435 comments King book. The dark tower series was great

message 4: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay (sleepykitty) | 129 comments I don't know why I wrote Dantes Inferno. I meant Da Vinci Code. Maybe because Inferno was a part of it. Lol

message 5: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay (sleepykitty) | 129 comments Banned Books

Banned Books Challenge

Making Waves: 1-2 Challenged Books
Trouble-Maker: 3-5 Challenged Books
Rabble-Rouser: 6-9 Challenged Books
Rebel: 10-14 Challenged Books
Leader of a Revolution: 15+ Challenged Books

message 6: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay (sleepykitty) | 129 comments Currently reading Volume 1 of Outlander Companion. :) I got them both for Christmas! It's so interesting! I might read Volume 2 right after. So much for the no Huge books resolution hahaha

message 7: by Jenny, Certified Bookworm (new)

Jenny Clark | 1510 comments Mod
Sherlock Holmes is a great series! As for fantasy try Orson Scott Card- he has some good one. Heart's Hope is one. I tried when I was younger but it was not meant to be interesting to kids haha. It is an interesting concept!

message 8: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay (sleepykitty) | 129 comments I finished Outlandish Companion vol 1. And am nearing the end of vol 2 :)
I ordered The Shining and Hitchhikers Guide yesterday.

Twins first birthday in less than 2 weeks! Eek!

message 9: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay (sleepykitty) | 129 comments I've never really been the kind of reader that can have multiple books going. The Shining has slowed me down even more than The Great Gatsby did last year. So much like I would change up TV shows when I want something a little differently, I'm grabbing books and doing the same thing. Problem is, I'm not being my completionist self. I've only finished books which I read for school, which still count, because I'm reading them through.

Need to step up my game!

message 10: by Amber (new)

Amber (amberterminatorofgoodreads) King book I'd recommend The Green Mile . its a pretty good read and the movie adaptation is good too.

message 11: by Sonya (new)

Sonya marie madden | 435 comments The stand is also good

message 12: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay (sleepykitty) | 129 comments Hey everyone,
It's been a while since I checked in. I'm currently working on my Master's degree, which I started last Spring, taking one course at a time pretty much year round. I haven't had MUCH time for "fun" reads, but I am including the books I read for school (which can be fun, actually, like the text we used in Masculinities) and the audio books I've listened to (which I never really considered reads until I started doing it and realized the time investment and how my brain works similarly with someone reading it TO me). So, I did make my goal of 20, and it's currently 21.

I haven't even finished The Shining yet. Maybe before the New Year?

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