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qannik \\ 4 \\ female \\ siberian husky \\ lead dog number 2

Like most Siberian Huskies, Assya is very energetic. She loves to play and work. The highlight of her day is when she is hooked up to a sled. She adores her musher and every other human that she meets. Her tail is constantly wagging in her happiness. If she's left alone in a fenced in area, more often than not when you return she will be sitting or laying down outside the fence. She hates being left alone and will escape a fenced in area to go in search of another dog or human. She always returns home though, knowing that her musher is her alpha and that she can't disappoint him.

Assya was born four years ago to Dimitri and Eyla. Assya looks more like her mother than her father, but has both their love of sledding. When she was two months old, her musher chose her to train and someday be apart of his/her sled dog team. S/He trained her from the beginning to get used to the harness that she would wear when she got older, hooking her up to a small sled sometimes to get her used to the weight.

When she was older, s/he tried her out in various positions until he found the one that suited her best: the second lead dog. She showed that she could find a trail that was safe for the team and that they could travel on swiftly. She holds the position with pride, her copper colored tail held up proudly as she is hooked to the front of the team.

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