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"Mystery Lights Over Hancock" article

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Michelle Podsiedlik Does anyone else think that Dave Bowie was the Little League pitcher holding his glove up toward the lights in the photograph that Vincent Teague took in 1952?

Teague was thirty-seven when photograph was taken, Bowie is twenty-five years younger, which would have made him 11/12 in 1952.

The two men have this photograph placed very prominently on their office bulletin board ("High in the corner, all by itself"). And hell, the fact that the book ends on this makes it seem significant.

Just a thought. I'm going to pretend it's intended, even if I'm reading way too much into things.

Wendy That's a pretty interesting thought.. To me it seems a bit unrealistic, but you never know..

I re-read that part twice because it seems such a weird ending, though I suspect that the article is more some sort of support or mayby a contradiction to the story of The Colorado Kid, in a way that it has something to do with the truth behind a story or the story's in the media..

I like to think that Vince and Dave somehow conspired together, but that's more because it's kind of difficult to handle a story that just isn't a story, or at least not the one with an end...
So many questions after readings this book ugh..

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