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Kitty (kittyorell) I'm re-posting your plot thingy here for reference, if that's alright :)

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Macy | 33 comments Thats fine!!

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Kitty (kittyorell) Sweet :) So did you just wanna start at the beginning of your plot? Somewhere else? And we're you thinking this would be set in modern days, or back a few decades?

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Macy | 33 comments Maybe when Muse B comes over and offers the deal, seeing Muse A. Heres a link to my character:


Modern day!

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Kitty (kittyorell) Name: Seth Riddle
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Blonde hair, brown eyes. He is about 5'11
Personality/History: Seth grew up in the slums of Brooklyn. His mom ran off when he was a baby, leaving him with an abusive alcoholic father. His older sister used to bring him everywhere she went to keep him safe, but her 'friends' were bad influences. Seth got involved in drugs, fight clubs, theft, gambling, and sex. He became known as a jack-of-all-trades. He has enough connections in the underground that he can pretty much get done anything he wants - for a price. He's the head-honcho who holds the crime world together. Nothing goes on that he doesn't know about. He is heartless, manipulative, and fearless, but he is always careful not to get caught.

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Macy | 33 comments --i will just start then..

Jena stared off into space as her father called and told her someone was coming over and to be ready. "Okay dad". She called and ran up to her room, putting on leggings and an oversized sweatshirt with a scarf. She put her hair up into a messy bun and put makeup on. She heard a noise from the downstairs, a door slamming shut. She sighed and went over to pet her cat, Annabelle, who was laying on her bed. Jena slowly walked downstairs and peaked around the corner to the living room, seeing three guys. Two dressed in black and one in white and black. They were talking to her dad, then she met eyes with one of them and she got this weird feeling. She looked away and walked to the kitchen. She had never seen these men before. She chewed on her lip and took a sip of water when she heard her name being called, she frowned and walked into the living room, staying in the doorway, "Yes?" She asked, looking at her dad. She had to force her eyes to not look at the attractive guy. Once her. Father explained what was going on, she looked up at the guy, then back to her father. "I'll do it". There was no way she wanted her family to be endager, of course she will protect them. "Just let me grab my stuff" She said softly and turned to walk away. She heard someone come walking after her, she sighed and started packing, almost finishing. She grabbed a few more things, nodded at the guy and walked back downstairs, giving her dad a hug.

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Kitty (kittyorell) Seth huffed impatiently, crossing his arms. He had spent far too much time on this man already. Last week when he and his men had come to collect the $40,000 from Jack (hope it's okay that I give the dad a name?) he'd begged for more time, for some kind of reprieve. He thought back to that confrontation last week...

"NO!" Jack shouted, trying to wrench his arm away from Seth's second-in-command, "Please, I'll do anything. Anything! Just give me more time!"

God, Seth hated begging. He'd almost broken the man's arm just out of spite. Keeping a straight face, eyes hard, he walked right up to Jack's face and leaned in close. His eye was already starting to swell from a well-placed fist, "You want more time?" Seth asked coldly, "Make me a deal. That's h ow this all started, right? You like making deals? I need something you can't back out of."

"My daughter!" Jack shouted, tears streaming down his face. Seth rose an eyebrow, but other than that hid his surprise with a perfect poker face. They'd been keeping tabs on Jack long enough now, Seth had seen his daughter a few times. She was beautiful. "Take her, to pay the debts. She's a hard worker, and she's pretty. Take her instead."

It wasn't hard to make the deal after that. Jena would be his, forever. Jack would never hear from her again, never try to reach out. As soon as she left, he would have no daughter. Seth looked up when the girl came back down the stairs and locked eyes with her for half a second. He smirked and straightened up, taking his weight off the wall he'd been leaning on, "Well," he said, cracking his knuckles, "This has been fun. Pleasure doing business with you, Jackie boy. Miss Woodworth, after you."

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Macy | 33 comments Jena looked back at the guy after giving her father a hug. She went to grab her bag but one of the men had beat her to it. With one last look at her dad she walked out after the head man. She sighed and got into a car, sitting in back, with the head guy. The space was tight and she was sitting shoulder to shoulder with him, as uncomfortable as it was, a warmth spread thoroughout her body. It was December, meaning she wouldnt even get to spend Christmas with her father. She looked out the window for an escape. It felt like they were driving forever. Then they pulled up into this HUGE house in the middle of a woods. She sucked in a breath and looked over at the guy, who was already looking at her. She felt her face flush, looking away and wuickly getting out. Her heart was pitter pttering against her chest as she walked back over to the guy, who was walking inside. She did a double take. It was just as beautiful on the inside. How had a man managed to keep a house this beautiful? She walked with him while he was showing her rooms.

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Kitty (kittyorell) ((I mean this in the nicest way possible. Could you slow it down a little? Like, give them the chance to interact, describe things, add dialogue, stuff like that?))

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Macy | 33 comments ((Yeah...)

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Macy | 33 comments ((Im not gonna edit my post though, just post off of that and i will make it better.))

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Kitty (kittyorell) The ride home was quiet, except for the occasional ‘ping’ of Seth’s tablet as he went through emails and spreadsheets. It took just over an hour to get to the front gates of his mansion. He slid the small tablet into the interior pocket of his suit jacket.

The house was right up against the mountain, surrounded in trees. It was just isolated enough to keep out undesirables. Seth climbed out of the car when it reached the front steps, then reached out a hand to help Jena out as well. "Welcome to your new home." He looked up as a young woman came out of the house to greet them.

"Paige will show you to your suite. You can unpack and get settled. I have a few things to do, but I'll be up later to see how you're doing." He would need to lay down a few ground rules, maybe set up a tour for her. With four stories plus a basement, it would be all too easy to get lost and run into something unpleasant. Another reason it was good to be isolated here; sometimes Seth had to take his work home with him.

Paige walked quickly down the stairs and grabbed one of Jena's bags. "Right this way," she said in a high-pitched, girly voice.

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Macy | 33 comments Jena watched as a young lady coming over, she was pretty. It explained how this place stayed so clean. She would have to make sure she helped. She looked at the man as he introduced the lady, Paige. Jena didnt ask for the mans name, for she had an odd feeling this was Seth. The man everyone talks about, the one committing crimes. How her father had gotten caught up with him? She didnt know.

She muttered a quick thanks and okay to him, following paige. She realized how big the place actually was. And her room- she didnt even want to begin. As she walked in her mouth dropped. Her room at home was large, larger then a normal room. But this- it was like a minature house. She had her own bed and tv, a mini fridge and small table, a bookcase full of books. She had a walk in closet, and a bathroom which was connected. It was amazing.

Paige helped Jena unpack her clothes, which hardly filled up any of the closet. "Thank you" she said, smiling at Paige as she left. Jena supposed she was meant to stay here until Seth came up. While she waited, she showered and put on pajama pants and a tank top. She braided her hair loosely and took off her makeup, there was nobody to impress. She slipped on her slippers on turned on the tv to listen to the news. She looked in the mini fridge, seeing a ton of drinks and some salads in the fridge. She shrugged and closed it, hearing a knock.

She straightened up and opened the door, stepping to the side and letting him in. She shut the door after him and went to grab a zip up sweater, zipping it up she sat at the head of he bed, shutting off the tv. "You wanted to talk?" She asked softly, looking at him.

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Kitty (kittyorell) Seth had a few calls to make before he could really consider his work done for the evening. He closed himself in his office, spending just under an hour making the necessary offers and threats that came with his line of business. He was never truly off duty, but at least for now he could take a break. He had a new guest to greet, after all.

He still wasn’t sure how he felt about bringing this woman in to live with him. He had plenty of room, but he knew nothing about her. She was a liability. In every other ‘take my child as payment’ case, he’d sent them to be whores or mules to transport contraband. Jenna would certainly make him a lot of money that way. Still, he couldn’t bring himself to send her away. He didn’t know what it was about her, but he fully intended to find out.

He walked up to the third floor where the guest suites were located, heading straight for the room he’d had his staff prepare for her. It was one of the larger rooms, second only to his own. He straightened his suit jacket by tugging on the lapels, then knocked. When the door opened, he smiled in a way that was half friendly, half smirking, “I did,” he answered. He walked inside without waiting for a formal invitation, “I just wanted to introduce myself. Seth Riddle. I’m sure you’ve heard of me.”

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Macy | 33 comments Jena eyed him as he spoke, ofcourse she knew who he was, who didnt? "Yes, I have heard of you." She didnt need to tell him her nane, he already propbably knew more about her then she thought. She stared blankly at him, "Is that it?" She asked, not wanting to sound rude, but rather bored. She hoped Seth could keep a conversation going or she had no idea how she was going to survive here. "I can help Paige out around the house" She put in, telling him she could work and that she wasn't a useless girl.

She couldn't deny the fact that Seth was handsom, but he was scary. He could pull out a gun and shoot her any second. "Any secret passages". She laughed softly, trying to less the tension. She looked around and actually wondered. There probably is, I mean he is a criminal she shook her head and looked back at seth

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Kitty (kittyorell) Seth's smirk grew wider when he heard her question. Something about giant houses in the woods always got people thinking about secret passageways. He decided to play along, "This house is full of secrets," he answered, "You're not a prisoner here, but I would strongly advise against trying to find anything. I don't hide what I do when I'm home, and you might run into something you'd rather not see." Seth glanced around, looking for a good place to sit. He settled on the chair to the vanity, sitting backwards with his arms crossed over the back of the chair.

"I took the liberty of disabling your cell phone so you won't be able to make any phone calls, unless you'd like to use the landline. But be smart about it, Jena. If you contact the police about anything you see here I will not hesitate to kill you," His tone was solid and sincere, though not unkind. And he absolutely meant every word. "Dinner is served every day at 6:30. I can take you down today, but I'm setting up a tour of the house for you tomorrow, so you should be good after that. Any questions?"

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Macy | 33 comments Her eyes widened, then she realized he had a dry sense of humor. She listened quietly, keeping her eyes on her hands. She basically was a prisoner, even if he said she wasnt. She sighed softly and leaned back on the bed, looking at the ceiling. She held back a groan when he explained he disabled her phone. She rubbed her wrists, she wasnt stupid. She wasnt going to go call the police, it could get her dad in trouble too.

She sat back up, and looked at her outfit. She was already in her pajamas and really did not want to eat..she normally skipped supper and breakfast, eating a big lunch. "I'm not hungry.." She said softly, although she didnt even eat that big of a lunch today. She looked at him slowly, beginning to think he was too scary. She didnt know how she would live like this. "No..."

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Kitty (kittyorell) Seth smiled again, "Good," he said. Well that had been easier than he was expecting. He was a little bit disappointed that Jena didn't want dinner, but he wasn't going to force her. He wanted this to feel like a home for her, "If you think of some, I'll be downstairs. Or really, you can ask anyone." Seth had a few regular staff members on duty, just to help with general upkeep, and he usually had at least one of his friends or bodyguards staying the night. There should be enough people that she should be able to find someone if she needed something.

Well, that was about everything he had to say. Again, much easier than he had expected. "Anything I can get for you?" he asked as he rose from the chair.

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Macy | 33 comments Jena kept quiet, not wanting to be a burden on him. "No, thank you. Im fine, go eat" she smiled softly at Seth. Hoping it was reassuring enough so he would leave, it must have been. When he was gone she said a softly bye sh instantly headed to her drawer pulling he notebook out she began writjng, a story. Not based on her, but what she was going through. Even though the character wa muxh meaner then Seth, ans yet the main character had a strkng sttraction to him. She had started writing this befkre the deal with Seth, she didnt have to wory about it. There wasnt really any attraction.

She soon becane drowsy and her eyelids fluttered shut and stayed shut for a while. Then she opened them and put her note book away, shuttinf her light off and turning on the radio, setting it on sleep. She began to wonder if this was really auch a bad place after all.

--maybe when their relationship starts blosoming with like small touches and gestures he accidentally walks in on her well, dealing with herself i should say. And her feelings, haha. If your not comfortable with that its fine though.

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Kitty (kittyorell) ((I like that! I'm pretty comfortable with almost anything sex-related as long as it's tasteful))

Seth's evening went pretty much the same way it always did. He ate dinner alone, surfed the web for any police reports or news articles that could either harm or help his operation, took one last phone call, and spent a bit of time going over a few things with his dealers. It was late by the time he settled in for bed. He walked by Jena's room, noticing that he couldn't see any light coming from the crack underneath her door. She must have already gone to bed. When he reached his own bedroom, at the end of the third floor hallway, and by far the largest room in the house, he quickly stripped to his underwear and stretched out in bed. For the first time in a long time, he wasn't sure what tomorrow would bring.

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Macy | 33 comments When Jena woke up she changed into leggings and a tshirt, tucking it in. She kept her hair down and threw on some mascara. Shs brushed her teeth after eating an apple from her mini fridge. She didnt know whether or not she should leave her room. She put on socks then opened up her door, she heard a 'thunk' then gasped, realizing she hit someone. She quixkly stepped out and losed her door, seeing Seth. She bit her lip, "I'm sorry. Are you okay???" She asked anxiously. She would feel horrible if she hurt him, she knew sometimes doors hurt. She chewed on her lip, a habit when she was scared or nervous. She really didnt want Seth blowing up in her face on only her second day. She frowned and saw a small cut on his forehead, "Your bleeding" she said and reached out, wiping the blood away on instinct. Then she scrunched up her nose and wiped it on his shirt. She wasnt going to ruin her outfit for his blood.

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Kitty (kittyorell) ((It feels like it's going a little too fast again...))

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Macy | 33 comments ((By hitting him with a door...???and wiping blood off of him?? hows that romantic or moving to fast??))

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Kitty (kittyorell) ((Yeah. It’s just, Seth would have reacted to a lot of that, but now I either backtrack and show his reaction in a way that won’t influence the last part of your post, or I just skip it. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just not the way I like to RP. I’m so sorry, I don’t think our styles work very well together.))

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Macy | 33 comments ((Haha its fine, but i might learn something from your style..Just skip it to where their at breakfast or something and hes telling her about the tour. I might not reply for a while because tomorrow im going skiing&& i will try saving more interaction until later, just tellcme when your ready for seth to get hit by a door XD))

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