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Request for a roleplay here!

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In My Arms
" Perhaps you should stay, just until you go?"
" Of course, I'd love to hold you in my arms for a little longer,"

Muse A has been asked to join the Marine Corps, and of course he took the offer, since he has been wanting to join the Marine Corps for a while now, but something is holding him back, something he loves very much. Muse B, has been offered to have his book published, and has been told to fly to Florida for a month, but something has been holding him back, something he loves. Muse A and Muse B have been going out forever, ever since high school, and they love each other so much that they'd do anything for each other.

It's a week before they're wedding that they tell each other about the offers, and it turns out Muse A leaves just a week after they're wedding, so Muse A decided to make his stay in ( City, State ) the best for Muse B.


- MxM
- Be the Dominant Partner Please
- I'm the Submissive Partner
- I'm Muse B please
- Done In Thread
- More then 3 sentences
- Sex through PM
- Detailed Characters
- Activity
- Patience

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Moe Guy A and Guy B use to be the greatest of friends, but one night when Guy B was walking home from work he was taken. No one has been able to find him.

Now years later Guy A (20 years old) has become very wealthy because he had started a business that kicked off right away. A couple of his friends dragged him along to some secret slave auction. Guy A despised the idea of offering off people as slaves. After sitting bored and anfry through most of it the last guy caught his attention. A guy which he recognized as Guy B. Not even thinking about he decided that he was getting him out of there. Does Guy B recognize Guy A when he buys him? How will guy B react when he finds out?

- I would like to be Guy B
- more then three sentences please
- can post at least once a day
- this will be MxM romance

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~| To do this roleplay, you must've either seen the movies or read the books in order to roleplay this, because it makes no sense to roleplay something you haven't seen, read or heard of before. |~

Miss Lord Voldemort

Muse A is the daughter of the one and only Lord Voldemort, she's cunning, she's daring, she's clever, she's brave, she's deathly, and she's gorgeous. Muse A is invited to attend Hogwarts, she's eleven years old and young, Muse B ( Aka Draco Malfoy ), is invited to attend as well. Muse B, is just like Muse A and they have never even met, never have they bumped into each other, never have they even fought each other in a battle. Muse A has been placed in the boys dormitory, only because she has to be, after a tragic accident when she was in elementary school for wizards, anyways, Muse A is placed with Muse B, in whom she has begun to hate.
Muse B, is completely the opposite, being placed with a girl, is different for him, but it has always been is dream, I mean what boys dream isn't that? Right?, well Muse B is placed with Muse A, in whom he had begun to fall for. Now everybody knows who Muse A is, but they all know she's different, despite the fact that she's the daughter of a enemy, what's odd is that she's the cousin of Harry Potter, Muse B's enemy.
Muse B tries very hard through out the years to win Muse A's heart, but has no luck due to the fact that she's heartless and cruel and doesn't fall in love easily with other guys, but as they grow up, Muse A suddenly finds herself falling for Muse B, and she doesn't know how or why, until a very special message comes to her, telling her it's her destiny to fall for Muse B.

** Requirements **

- MxF only, no MxM or FxF
- I'm Muse A
- Your Muse B
- This is a Draco Malfoy x OC roleplay
- Requires Thread Placement
- Detailed Characters (( Yes, You Will need to make a template for Draco Malfoy ))
- Detailed Posts // At Least One Short Paragraph \\
- Sex is to be done in Pm
- Swearing should be allowed and should be okay
- Patience, I have a life as well
- Activity, please be active with this Roleplay thank you
- When Not posting a roleplay post use these: (( ))
- When asking questions, message me

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