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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > Finally remembered the Title of the book and the author. thanks ^^

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Kissieme | 2 comments Hi, I'm new here. I came across this site when I was trying to find the title of a historical romance book that I've read more than 10 years ago. Can anyone help me? I don't remember the title, the author nor most of the characters. so here goes:

Target Audience: Adult
Setting: England(I think it's Regency)

-The story is about an innocent young lady who happily swings on a vine across the stream and a man sees her. When they meet again at a party, the man/hero tries to speak to her but she/heroine is really shy and not used to socializing. Her stepfather has seen them talking together and he plotted to get the lady and the man together by drugging them. The maid Maude gave wine to the young lady (I think her name is Alexandra) which was laced with something to make her fall asleep. The man/hero was also drugged by the same maid. Next morning, they woke up together in bed with a splitting headache and Lady Alexandra's stepfather staged a compromise and forced the man to marry Lady Alexandra. The man/hero called the young lady a "whore" but she thought he was calling her a "Horror." She is very innocent and her late father (I think an Earl) taught her about Sciences and literature so she doesn't know anything about romance or flirting.

The young lady tries to reclaim her honor by challenging the man to a duel in fencing. And she lost and they got married.

I don't remember the rest of the story except that they were trying to find the Lost Will of Lady Alexandra's father. They sneaked into her family house and found the will inside her late father's telescope.

If anyone had read this historical romance novel, please I need your help. Thanks so much. ^^


I finally remembered the title of the book when I read one comment about Lord Vale in one of the discussions here. I realized that the man's name was Lucian and that he was rewarded the title of an Earl because of his service to the King. And that the Lady's name is Angel Winter. weee! ^_^

Title of the Book: Devil's Angel
Author Marlene Suson

Thanks so much, goodreads! ^^

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Kris | 35769 comments Mod
Kissieme, I moved your request to the "Unsolved" folder because you're looking for a specific book. Good luck with your search!

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Kissieme | 2 comments Thank you so much, Ms Kris. ^^

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