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((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Full Name: Silver Ora Smith

Background on Name: Because her parents think she is as precious as silver and they picked Ora because the of S.O.S

Nickname(s): S.O.S,

Birth date: Dec. 24, 1918

Age: 73

Visual Age: 13

Zodiac/Astrological signs: ?

Student Category: (Gli eredi, maledictus,dimidiam partem sanguinis.if human, just put N/A) Gli eredi

Gender: Female

Appearance:pale, wears black leather jacket, t-shirt with a catchy saying, silver jeans, tennis shoes and she wears silver earrings that goes around her ear. Silver jewelry, like necklaces and checkers and tight bracelets.

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 110

Body type: (Build, skinny, thin, tall, short, rotund, fat, muscled, short, slim) tall, fit, athletic

Race/Species: Vampire

Tattoos: (Placement, design, colors, size.) left arm from wrist to just below the shoulder. The arm is coated with a black vine with thorns and silver roses and it has a rose on the top of her hand and on the top of her shoulder. And she has another tattoo on her right arm. It has a silver rose on the right top of her hand and the vine with thorns circled around her arm to her shoulder.

Scar(s): (Where, type, size, color, shape, depth, thickness, sensitivity) 2" above her left eye, through her eye to 2" above her upper lip. It is healed and it is a 1 and a half inches wide and they go to points at the arch end. It is white (like her skin). It goes down to her skull and it only hurts when you press it.

Other Marks: (Freckles, birth marks, diamonds embedded in their chest, missing fingers, extra toes, additional fins, ribs, burns, markings.) her right eye is black and her left eye is silver

Strengths: (What they’re good at, things that make them better at fighting. No fear of heights, hard head, good balance.) 1: solving, thinking 2: a technical problem or a problem that involves tech or thinking or a scythe

Weaknesses: (Things that throw them off. Smells that make them sick, sensitivity to light, things they are weak to, weapons they can’t defend against well.) 1: heights, bright light 2: recent death, gun powder 3: only really bright ones, the sun a little bit 4: bow and arrows

Weapons: (What they are, proficiency, how long they’ve used them, number, wear and tear, current state, clean?, well used?, favorites?)
She has a scythe from 2000. She has used it from time to time and you can tell it is old and she loves it. It is made from silver and black obsidian that is reinforced with metal.

Magical Ability: (Type, strength, speed, ease of use, backlash, problems, strengths) what type or there?

Subject taught: (if creating mentor)

What is the Family Business or inherited title?:(humans put n/a) Smith Tech. A technology company.

Love Interest(s): none

Likes: tech and riddles, scythes

Dislikes: losing, sleep, boring stuff

Personality: When you see her you think she is a brat. But she cares for others and is scared of what others can do. She has been scared of war since she saw the Vietnam War on t.v. She prefects a picture of a leader and a confident person. But in the inside she is crumbling.

Extra Notes: (Stuff you missed elsewhere but think is important about the character or what led to to creating parts of a character.)
She wants friends not enemies.
Family Members, and relationship with each: (Name, relationship, father, mother, sister, how they get along with them, best friend, lover, current status. ) Sarah Smith, mother, 4213, Silver us tired if her mom
John Smith, father, 5321, Silver loves her dad

History/Background: (Everything about them from birth to current times/death/future times. ): She was raised a rich girl. She has see wonderful things she can't put into words. She has seen horrors that she wants them to die. She doesn't want to talk about her life.

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