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Here you go!

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Thank you so much! I'll write more after school.

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Sometimes seventh grade sucks. I was going to miss my science chapter test today, but instead I missed one of my favorite classes, music! :( I forgot my science stuff at school, too, so I couldn't study! :'( I think I did ok though.

The good thing, though, is that my BFF and I are writing a book called Code Four.

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Today we presented our exponent math projects. My project was a video. I was a superhero named Super Squared. It was really funny. Everyone laughed the whole time.

We also got a cupcake and 4 KitKats! ;) Happy day! We had a half day and we have off of school tomorrow! :P

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Today was auditions for our school play. A lot of my class was really nervous, including me! My bff did really well, but I didn't know the song my director wanted me to sing :'(. I knew another one and thankfully she let me sing that. I hope it all works out!!!!!! Fingers crossed!!!!!

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Sorry, not much happpened for a while, but here's an update.

Callbacks for the school play were announced. Both my BFF and I got called back (that's a good thing! It means we are up for lead roles!)! Fingers crossed! I hope all goes well tomorrow.

Yesterday was our class Christmas party. It was so fun! We exchanged cookies, Secret Santa gifts, and went ice skating. It was awesome.

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Yesterday was callbacks. Everyone did so well!
Tonight we have our Christmas concert. That should be something. :(
One of the girls in my class broke her foot dancing!
I started tutoring one of the girls in my class, and I'll be tutoring two other people soon.

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Not much has happened recently.
Parts for the school play were announced. My BFF got the lead, and I got a really good part, too. Yay!

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