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message 1: by Patricia (new)

Patricia | 29 comments I recall there being at least three books that were released within past couple years. I want to add them to tbr pile but do not recall authors name. I tried searching for book title too. It was about jane austen and bath, kent and hampshire

thank you in advance

message 2: by Abigail (last edited Dec 02, 2015 09:22AM) (new)

Abigail Bok (regency_reader) Was one of them by any chance Jane Austen's Country Life: Uncovering the rural backdrop to her life, her letters and her novels by Deirdre LeFaye? This was an excellent study that tells a lot about rural living, and is closely tied to her novels and letters. Focused primarily on Hampshire. Lots of interesting illustrations, too!

message 3: by Patricia (new)

Patricia | 29 comments unufortunately no :( All I recall was that it was released in either 2013 - 2015 I remember seeing a cover of it, a small picture of jane asuten towards the top and then a big picture of bath.

message 4: by Sophia (new)

Sophia (sophiarose) | 757 comments Mod
Hey Trish!

I tried typing in 'Jane Austen in Bath' at Amazon and hitting search and lots of books came up. Maybe you can spot them that way.

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