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Mary Grace (jaded_angel) | 132 comments Bilbo's true courage.

As you remember, in the Hobbit films, Gandalf tells Bilbo that true courage isn't always knowing when to take a life, but sometimes when to spare one.

Later in the movies, Bilbo has The Ring on in the Goblin Tunnels, and has Sting out. He looks as if he is about to kill Gollum, but he decides not to and jumps over him, kicking his head instead.

Fast forward a couple of decades to Frodo and Gandalf in Moria. "It's a pity Bilbo didn't kill Gollum when he had the chance." "Pity? It is pity that stayed Bilbo's hand. Many that live deserve death. Some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them, Frodo? Do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement. Even the very wise cannot see all ends. My heart tells me Gollum has some part to play in this, for good or evil."


In conclusion, Bilbo had true courage because he knew not to kill Gollum.

Sorry if some of you realized this already, but I realized it a bit ago and just posted it.

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Definitely!! I have read the books several times and not realized it myself!
As the elf says when his group meets the four hobbits in The Felowship of the Ring;
"Courage is found in unlikely places!"

Jingizu | 9 comments That Bilbo had true courage is a fact, with all that he did. However, I do think it was pity more than courage per se, that stayed his hand when he could have Gollum. Or I suppose you can so he had enough courage to show pity. :)

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