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Characters: Kailani Rowan

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Name: Kailani Rowan
Nickname: Kai
Age: 16
Date of Birth: October 1st
Time of Birth: 4:11 am
Location of Birth: New York City, New York
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Overview: Kai has power over Poseidon’s domain, with the capacity to generate earthquakes and hurricanes and control and create water. She also can communicate telepathically with equine and sea creatures since Poseidon created horses. Kai has limited control over ice and cold.

Hydrokinesis - ability to control and manipulate water.
Uses: enhances abilities in water, stay underwater for long periods of time, mental communication with aquatic creatures.

Geokinesis - the ability to control and manipulate earth.
Uses: generate hurricanes, control and create earthquake and water.

Cyrokinesis - the ability to control and manipulate frost, ice, snow, and cold temperature.
Uses: lowering temperatures

Kaistands up for her own personal opinions and beliefs despite what anyone says. She has a hatred for bullying and won’t hesitate to stop it. She often fights for the underdog and enjoys watching and helping others improve and expand their knowledge. Kai is individualistic and refuses to follow the crowd and do things because “it’s popular”. She will not compromise her individuality and doesn’t let anyone define her or tell her what to do. Kai doesn’t sugar coat things and can be brutally honest, which gets her in trouble often. Kai tends to speak whatever she thinks, whether it’s snarky, sassy, or sarcastic. She radiates confidence and often doesn’t care what others think. She appears to be fearless, but is not. She often fears not having a home or somewhere to belong. Kai isn’t rude or mean to others unless provoked. If you provoke her or catch her in a foul mood, watch out. She might not react right away, but she eventually will. She tends to dwell on things for a bit, then forgives. Kai just has a hard time forgetting.

Kai has a unique outlook and perspective when she thinks, and is creative in just about everything. She is smart and a quick thinker, which is why some people originally might think she’s a daughter of Athena. Kai has a horrible temper, but tends to bottle up her anger until she has to release it, which comes in many forms. She tries her best to get away from people before this happens, but she sometimes doesn’t. Kai often goes to the water for a sense of clarity. It is one of the only things that clears her mind.
Strengths: determined, individualistic, steadfast, confident, creative, smart, quick
Weaknesses: brutally honest, speaks her mind, a bit sassy and snarky. Can be sarcastic. Rude and mean when provoked. Dwells on things - has a hard time letting go. Temperamental.

Fears: airplanes, abandonment, being an outcast
Goals: to become a marine biologist
Likes: the sea, ocean breeze, rain, storms, blue and green, swimming, her parents, sunrises and sunsets, stars, chocolate, music, photography, mythology
Dislikes: sea food (Fish are friends- not food), bullying, slowness, failing


Overview: Kai is 5’4”, weighing 119 pounds. She has blue hair, originally a raven black. She has blue eyes that sometimes appear gray. Kai has a scar from mid- thigh to her ankle on her left leg. She has more of a deeper voice, but more on the average side. She doesn’t have a high voice.

Kai’s mother Beth had gotten pregnant at the young age of eighteen. She always had a pure love for the ocean. She found it beautiful, mysterious, and purely fascinating. Beth had just been accepted into her top choice college when she met him- Kai’s father. They spent a night together and went their separate ways when Beth got a surprise- Kai! Beth didn’t know exactly what to do. Her parents would be furious and practically disown her, so Beth went to college. She hadn’t told her parents where she was going yet. Beth packed up and left, leaving her home so she could keep her child. For the first few years of Kai’s life, their small family was pretty poor. Beth was still in college, and had two jobs. Beth had a difficult time balancing everything, between work, school, and her daughter, but she got through it. Kai was often watched by several of her mother’s friends while Beth was working or at class. Kai didn’t enjoy not having her parents around, and she didn’t fully comprehend why they weren’t around, her being too young to understand.

When Kai was five years old she was at the store with her mother. She was trailing behind, looking at the toys longingly. She knew not to ask, but there’s no harm in looking, right? Well a man came up behind her and clasped a hand on her mouth. He ran out of the store with Kai kicking and putting up a fight. Her kidnapper threw her into the trunk of a car, hitting her head in the process. Kai was knocked unconscious. She woke up with a groan, rubbing the bruising that had formed on her head. She widened her eyes as she remembered what happened, then began to hear noises coming from the outside of the trunk. Kai tucked into a ball, shaking from fear. Her eyes were wide as she heard a fight occurring. She heard yells, then silence. She scooted to the back of the trunk as she heard it being unlocked. A man opened the trunk, smiling at her. Kai began to cry from fear. The compassionate man picked her up into his arms while she just clung to him, still shaking.
She pulled back and wiped her eyes. “Who are you?” she asked, sniffling.
The man just smiled at her. “You’re safe now. I know your mother, Kailani,” he told her.
Kai brightened up at the mention of her mom. “Do I get to see mommy soon?” she asked hopefully.
“Yes, my dear,” he replied. Poseidon set her down onto the road. He crouched down beside her, talking gently to her. “This road will take you straight to a police station. Continue down the road and tell the kind people your name and your mother’s phone number. She must be worried sick. Could you give these to her please?” Her father asked. Kai nodded.
“Why does this one have my name on it?” she asked curiously.
“Well that’s meant for when you’re a bit older. You see, there are some things you need to know then. The other letter is for Beth, your mom. It will explain some things she has to know. Promise you won’t lose them?” Poseidon asked, still smiling.
“I promise,” Kai agreed, wrapping her pinkie finger around his. With a little push she started down the road quickly, and turned back. “Will I see you again?” she asked hopefully.
Poseidon smiled at his daughter, sadness in his eyes. “Maybe. But I will always watch over you,” he promised.
Kai turned back and went to the police station where they called her frantic mother, Beth.

After this experience, Beth and Kai grew closer. She had finished college and searched for a job. Beth finally found a position as a marine biologist, and they lived comfortably from then on. Kai loved living on the open sea. The only downside was that Beth and Kai had to share a room. But Kai didn’t mind- she got along well with her mother. Since that experience when she was five, Kai felt like she was being protected and watched. She didn’t know exactly how to explain it. Beth and Kai, as the traveled the seas were never caught in the middle of a huge storm. Sure there were some, but very few. Kai grew up with a passion for the ocean, like her parents. Beth and the other crew members got nervous when Kai swam in the open ocean. When Kai was seven she discovered her ability to communicate with the creatures of the sea in her mind. She hid this from everyone, thinking that the others would see her as a freak. Kai was homeschooled practically all her life, rarely around other children. When she was nine, she discovered her love for photography. Her mother gave her an underwater camera, and from then on Kai’s walls were plastered with photos of sea creatures, sunsets, the ocean or her mother. Kai’s mother and her colleagues would travel around the worlds, observing the ocean. They would stop everywhere around the world, and she would always buy a souvenir. This is the reason why monsters never found her. Beth and Kai were always on the move.

Kai was growing up, and Beth was afraid. She had read the letter Poseidon had wrote for her, stashing Kai’s away until the time would come to part. Beth knew that once her daughter entered Camp Half Blood, she most likely wouldn’t be able to see her again. For this reason, Beth wasn’t planning on telling Kai until something bad happened, like a monster attack. Beth was cherishing the days, never knowing which would be the last. Kai was growing up a pretty emotionally stable child, all except for her temper. Beth began teaching her daughter to fight and channel her energy. She soon surpassed her mother in fighting, learning much. Kai was looking for her mother’s binoculars one day, looking through Beth’s bins. Well she never did find the binoculars, but did find a letter addressed to her. She carefully opened it when she was alone.

My dearest Kailani,
I’d first like to introduce myself. I am your father, Poseidon. I know your mother has given you this and I hope to be able to explain what she cannot. Your mother most likely has already explained everything, but if not, continue to read this. This is vital information that you must use to survive.

Kailani, you are what they call a half-blood. Half human from your mother, and half god from me. Creatures may find you on your journey to camp, and you must know how to fight or you will not survive. I hope you are still around to read this. Please use the fighting spirit I know you have. It will help you through the darkest of times. Now that you know your true heritage, you must be quick. Once you have knowledge of this, there is only so much time. Go with haste to Camp Half Blood or I fear your life will be in peril. I will protect you as best I can, but I can only do so much. Leave now to Long Island, New York. There you will find Camp Half Blood. As soon as you cross the border, you will be safe. I love you daughter, and wish you the best.
Your father,

Kailani ran over to her mother. “Is this true?” she asked, wide eyed.
Beth looked at her daughter with tears in her eyes. “Where did you get that?” she whispered, clearly upset.
“I.. I found it. It was addressed to me,” she pointed out.
“Kailani..” Beth trailed off. “We need to go. Now.” They were in New York Harbor, getting more supplies. Beth gave a quick goodbye to her friends and gave Kai five minutes to pack. Kailani shoved her clothes, some of her pictures, her box of makeup and her shower bag into a duffel. She grabbed a box of sentimental things too. She had her Sai’s concealed while her sword was in her bag. They quickly went to the shore and tied the boat. Beth pulled Kailani along. Beth told the man to drive, giving him an address of a house a little outside of the camp. They drove with haste, getting there about half an hour after Kai had read the letter. Beth and Kai said their goodbyes. Beth went back to the taxi and drove away, crying. Kai had her duffel bag, a bit shocked about all that had happened. She entered into camp, only days after her birthday. And now the present will occur and the future will unfold, becoming the past.

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(Kailani continued)

Weapon of Choice: Sword, Trident, or Sai
Favorite Music Genre: Pop Punk, Rock,
Favorite Song: The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy
Favorite Band: Fall Out Boy
Favorite Flower: Centaurea Cyanus
Favorite Animal: Dolphins
Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Time of Day: Sunrise and sunset

Theme Song: Centuries by Fall Out Boy

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Character Name: Tova Morwen Antos
Character Age: 17
Gender: Female

Basic History: -single mother, married when Tova was 5.
-stepdad brought 5 children, step siblings
-slowly faded out of the family
-sent to boarding schools, new one each year
-ran away when she was 10, mother found her
-mother decided to bring her home (no boarding schools)
-mother brought her to Olympia when she was 16, wanted her to get to know people like her
-her mom and step dad rented an apartment for Tova and pay for overall costs
-lives on her own, although no one knows.
-been there for a couple weeks, just now turned 17.

Basic Personality: efficient, energetic, self confident, strong willed, strategic, charismatic, stubborn, intolerant, dominant, impatient, cold, ruthless, poor at handling emotions

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