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Black Beauty Bassist (darkflames17) Each day I will post at least three new words a day for every one to learn.

Hello- Hallo or Guten Tag
Thank you- Dankeschön or Danke
Your welcome- Bitteschön or Bitte

Black Beauty Bassist (darkflames17) Welcome- Willkommen
When you say Mrs. Smith (for example)- Mrs would be Frau, so it would be Frau Smith
When you say Mr. Smith (for example)- Mr. Would ne Herr, so you would say Herr Smith

Black Beauty Bassist (darkflames17) Boy- der Junge
Girl- das Mädchen
Dog- der Hund
Cat- die Katze

Black Beauty Bassist (darkflames17) In German, there is more than one way to say the. You say der if the wird is masculine, die if feminine, and das if neuter. Yes words have genders in this language. Basicly all languages do except for English.

Black Beauty Bassist (darkflames17) And when you are writing a noun, always capitalize the noun

Black Beauty Bassist (darkflames17) Yes- Ja
No- Nein
Mine- Mein
Yours- Dein

Black Beauty Bassist (darkflames17) Monday- der Montag
Tuesday- der Dienstag
Wednesday- der Mittwoch
Thursday- der Donnerstag
Friday - der Freitag
Saturday- der Samstag
Sunday- der Sonntag

Black Beauty Bassist (darkflames17) I- ich
You- Du
He- Er
She- sie
It (neuter nouns)- Es
We- Wir
You all(plural)- Ihr
They- Sie

Black Beauty Bassist (darkflames17) Red- Rot
Orange- Orange
Yellow- Gelb
Green- Grün
Blue- Blau
Pink- Rosa
Purple- Lila
Black- Schwartz
White- Weiss

Black Beauty Bassist (darkflames17) How are you?- Wie gehts?
Good- gut
Ok- Okay
Not good- nicht gut

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