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Kaitlyn | 84 comments Mod
These characters were created by me. I am giving no permission for anyone to use these characters. You may use them for inspiration, but no copying these characters. You may ask for pictures for a face claim or just minor things, but please, no stealing!

Thank you,

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Kaitlyn | 84 comments Mod

<.blockquote>name, age <./blockquote>

<.img src=" "./>
Born on date at time; gender, sexuality


description : hair color, length, texture, eyebrow color and shape, eye color and shape, lip and teeth description, skin color and height, weight, scars





<.b>Personality & Traits<./b>

<.i>Positive Traits<./i>

<.blockquote> description<./blockquote>

<.i>Negative Traits<./i>

<.blockquote> description <./blockquote>


<.b><.i>Medical Issues<./i<./b>
<.blockquote> description <./blockquote>

<.b>History and Relations<./b>

<.i>Early and Teen Years<./i>
<.blockquote> paragraphs <./blockquote>

( relation ) -- name ▸ age, status

Weapon of Choice -

Song -
Flower -
Animal -
Season -
Time of Day -

*insert quote*

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