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Clara 1-Daenerys was dressed like the savages the people of Qarth saw her as, and I really liked Jiqhi put a bell in her braid, for the victory in the House of the Undying. Although Daenerys thinks it was Drogon’s. I also liked she went riding, despite the looks the people gave her, because she was tired of hide.

2-She was fleeing, Pyat Pree and the survivors were planning to kill her, said Xaro. He offered her to marry, again, and again she said no. So he told her to go. I guess he got tired of asking. Her people wanted to go as well, and the Qartheens didn’t love her, so they wanted her out. She got no more gifts, and was seen as dangerous. I wonder if Pyat Pree had something to do with the change of mind of the people, she didn’t have a lot of relationship with them after all.

3-Daenerys had no clue where to go, but she knew she needed ships. Xaro offered ten of his at first, for a dragon. She asked for a third of the ships in the world, for one dragon. I would still refuse, we’re talking about dragons here.

4-So, she figured out Mirri Maz Durr was her first treason, for the blood of her people. She didn’t think Pyat or Xaro were the others, for gold and love. I didn’t think so the first time either.

5-Xaro kicked her out basically, and asked for his gifts back, lol. While talking with Jorah about the House of the Undying, she wondered what the number three meant, and she told Jorah she saw her brother with a harp, he happened to had, and Jorah remembered. She asked Jorah what the song of ice and fire was, but he said he never heard it before. I can’t say I had an idea at this point the first time.

6-They were in Qarth’s port, and I forgot ships were permitted to dock in certain zones, they couldn’t just dock wherever it seems. Daenerys was there to talk to captains, but they didn’t believe her, asked too much, or didn’t want dothrakis. I wonder with what she planned to pay.

7-Jorah noted they were being followed, by a big brown armed man, and a tall old one, with no sword. She thought they wouldn’t hurt her, they were looking openly at her, and it makes sense. They had this man after trying to sell them, really annoying, and it made me wonder if he had something to do with what happened, Jorah was looking at his when she was attacked. A Qartheen man approached her, and gave her a beautiful box. He said he was really sorry, and we know what this means! There was a manticore inside, and it bit her. The old man defended her, and the Sorrowful Man left.

8-The old man was named Arstan, and the big one Belwas. I remember I really liked Belwas, who was a slave who fought in the pits, and let each man cut him once before he kills him. He had a lot of scars, Dany could tell. They were sent by Illyrio, to serve her. I forgot Arstan talked Valyrian of the Free Cities, interesting. He also knew Jorah, who thought his face was familiar but couldn’t place him.

9-Illyrio wanted her and her dragons, and gave her three ships for her to go to Westeros. Although Arstan said this, I don’t know if Illyrio wanted that, I can’t remember. Arstan said when they left Westeros, from where he was from, there were four kings, and no justice. So, I wonder if this was before or after Renly’s dead. I don’t remember how much times it takes to get from one place to the other.

10-Daenerys thought the three ships must mean something, and if it was related with the three heads. I really liked she made Arstan Paint in gold Vhagar, Meraxes and Balerion in the ships, for people to know the dragons returned. So badass!

Vicki Kalb | 310 comments Your point 2, wow, I hadn't thought of Pyat Pree having something to do with the Qartheen's attitude toward her! Good suggestion!

Your point 9, that's a good point, I don't know how long it takes to travel around in this world either. I'm thinking he doesn't know Renly is dead and that Balon Greyjoy is calling himself a king too. These people have to know that a lot can happen in several months of travel.

Your point 10, I thought it was pretty badass too! I wonder what happens to the ships in later books?

1. I like that Dany goes back to wearing Dothraki clothing, seeing as Qarth offered her no help whatsoever. Why should she suck up to them any more than she already has? I especially like that Jhiqui puts a bell in her hair and says she killed the maegi in their house of dust, which is a victory in of itself. But Dany feels that was Drogon’s victory, not her own. (A thought occurred to me. What if Dany is also a warg but doesn’t know it? Perhaps a part of her is unknowingly controlling Drogon. I don’t know if you have to have the blood of the first men to be a warg or not. But if she is one, that would mean it really was her victory after all.)

2. They head to the waterfront via through a poorer district of Qarth. No one here looks at her and loves her. Why? What did she do, besides destroy a creepy warlock building? She is heading to the waterfront to escape Pyat Pree and his warlocks who want to do her harm.

3. Xaro says something I find very intriguing, but I know very little about: “It is said that the glass candles are burning in the house of Urrathon Night-walker, that have not burned in a hundred years.” *SPOILER FOR A FEAST FOR CROWS* (view spoiler) He says a lot of crazy shit is happening because of warlocks and calls it strange times. Even Xaro thinks she should leave, but even now he begs her to marry him and have his babies, lol, wtf. When she says she won’t his face goes cold and he tells her to go. Yeah, all he wants is her dragons.

4. I guess the Qartheens didn’t like that she destroyed the House of the Undying, and suddenly remembered that dragons are dangerous, ha! Even hatchlings. :) The Tourmaline Brotherhood and Ancient Guild of Spicers want her dead and it’s all Xaro can do to keep the Thirteen from joining them. Wtf people. I thought no one liked the warlocks. You’d think they’d be thanking her. Or maybe it’s only Xaro who thinks so lowly of them. I don’t know.

5. I forgot that even now Dany toys with the idea of going back to Vaes Tolorro. Something about that place seems important, to me. I want to know who lived there and why it was abandoned! But apparently going there feels wrong to Dany. Hmm...

6. Later, she asks for a ship from Xaro but he has gone sarcastic and businesslike. He says they need to trade from here on out. Of course he asks for a dragon, and in exchange he’d give her ten of the finest ships in his fleet. When Dany asks if a mother would sell her children I am shocked he so easily says yes because she can always make more. How heartless! You know he is a man when he can say something like that. I think he’s talking about slaves, anyway. I like how she asks how many ships are in all of Essos, because that’s about how much one living dragon out of three in the world is worth. Right! “It seems to me that one-third of all the ships in the world would be fair.” :) He basically calls her crazy after that. He kicks her out of his palace and demands she return his gifts. Um, that’s not how gift-giving works... She is all the more glad she didn’t marry him. Ha!

7. I like that Dany remembers all the prophesies she heard in the House of the Undying and the number three was prevalent. That’s true, it was! She talks about it with Ser Jorah, who says the Targaryen sigil is a three-headed-dragon and it represents Aegon and his sisters. He asks what a mummer’s dragon is. *SPOILER FOR A DANCE WITH DRAGONS* (view spoiler) Dany explains it is a cloth dragon mummers wave around to give the heroes something to fight. I forgot all about this conversation. They also talk of Rhaegar and what he said in her visions: “His is the song of ice and fire,” the title of the whole series! So it’s GOT to be important! She asks what that is but Jorah has never heard of that song before. What a mystery!

8. The air around the waterfront smells of...sperm? What is wrong with Dany’s senses?

9. I am proud of Aggo and Jhogo for buying food from vendors instead of stealing. :)

10. They pass the quays that belong to the Thirteen, Tourmaline Brotherhood, and Ancient Guild of Spicers, knowing she’ll get no help from any of them. Off to the far end are the ships belonging to the Summer Islands, Westeros, and the Nine Free Cities. She is happy to hear people speaking Valyrian and the Common Tongue once more. What do the people of Qarth speak?

11. It turns out none of these captains take her seriously either. :( Halfway along, Ser Jorah says they’re being followed. He shows them to her through the reflection off a piece of brass, which I thought was clever. There is a fat brown man and an old man with a staff. She wonders who they are and if they mean her harm.

12. All of a sudden a Qartheen shoves a jeweled box in her face and says it’s a gift for her. She opens it and a green scarab is inside. Just before the bug attacks her, the man apologizes: it’s a Sorrowful Man! It is chaos as everyone tries to either get out of the way or help her. The old man with the staff smacks the box out of her hand and squishes the manticore before it can poison her. He apologizes for frightening and/or hurting her, calling her “Your Grace.” :)

13. The old man introduces himself as Arstan, aka Whitebeard, and the fat man is Strong Belwas. He used to fight in the Fighting Pits in Meereen. So he was a slave, then. He boasts how he would let each man he fought cut him before he killed them. “Count the cuts and you will know how many Strong Belwas has slain.” He says he was bought by Illyrio, who sent him back with Arstan to serve him. *SPOILER FOR A STORM OF SWORDS* (view spoiler) Arstan says he grew up on the Dornish Marches and squired for a knight of Lord Swann (I wonder if Dany recognizes the name) and now he squires for Strong Belwas, lol. Arstan claims to know Ser Jorah but Jorah doesn’t remember him, though he looks familiar. Dany thinks Arstan has a great air of dignity to him and likes it.

14. There is a short discord between Belwas and her bloodriders but Dany tells them to behave and for Belwas to respect her bloodriders, or Belwas will find himself out of her service. I love how he seems confused; he’s not used to being threatened, least of all by a girl.

15. Belwas says Magister Illyrio wants her to return to Pentos with the dragons. Of course he would; he wants these dragons like everybody else, lol. Arstan says the Seven Kingdoms needs her; there are four kings in Westeros and the country bleeds. This certainly pleases Daenerys to know she is needed. :) They also say they have three ships ready to take her back to Pentos, enough for all of her little khalasar. What luck! And that number three again...

16. Dany changes the ships’ names to Vhagar, Meraxes, and Balerion. :) She wants everyone who sees their ships to know that dragons have returned. The end of this chapter makes me so happy. :) It sounds like she is finally going home! But lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Clara I can't remember what happens to the ships, at all. I'll pay attention!

Your point 1 is quite interesting. I never thought of her being a warg, and since it doesn't say clearly if people must have the blood of the First Men to be one, I'm not sure. But it's a good thought! It would be quite interesting.


Haha lol at your point 8, I thought the same. I don't know what she was thinking.

I can't imagine Illyrio's face when he heard he gave her actual dragon eggs, and now she has three living dragons.

Vicki Kalb | 310 comments *SPOILER FOR A DANCE WITH DRAGONS* (view spoiler)


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