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Riley Does anyone else find amazing dialogue in the book Rules Of The Road because I know I do!!! Joan Bauer manages to find a great way to express her characters through their tone and dialogue especially how they say there words. What I mean by “how they say there words” is the way they speak like the main character ( Jenna Boller the main employer) talks very appropriate/formal and respectfully to everyone she sells shoes for. For example on page 3, she says, “I will take them for you Miss.” This shows that she cares for her job and she cares for the people she talks to even if she does not know them. You can tell she does this by talking to everyone in a friendly and respectful tone because she wants to keep her job and get good compliments in order to keep her job. Why do you guys think she's like from her dialogue?

Riley From the dialogue on page 6 I think the Boss is very serious about what he does and not just selling shoes, you need to know how to do it. For example on page six it says, “Murray (the boss) always comes up to me every week and the first week he says, What did you learn kid”. At first i just shrugged and say something about handling customers, but Murray didn’t like that he wanted me to learn how to sell shoes the right way. he says, The number one thing to selling shoes is that every shoe has a story. You know how it’s made you know how to sell it.” By him giving this advice that is clearly not a joke

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Riley Just from the dialogue in the book it explains so much about how each character is feeling “Whatcha been doing Jenna girl You know stuff”(9). Jenna is meeting up with her dad that she doesn't like that much, you can tell she does not want to be with him right now. You can tell because normally she talks a lot and for her not to be talking a lot it shows she is a little uncomfortable talking to him. I think dialogue in books reveals a lot on how the characters are feeling, What do you guys think?

Riley When someone says things a lot they are usually a. excited b. worried about someone or something and c. confused (most of the times they are these things). So when i came across in reading this book I thought that Jenna was worried about her dad. For example on page 12 it says, “Is there someplace you are staying? Someplace you are eating? Dad? Someplace you need to get to? She is worried about her dad and wants to help him. It clearly did not say in the text that she is worried about her dad but through dialogue i found it. That is one of the reasons i think Dialogue is important in a book, Why do you guys think dialogue is important?

Riley As Jenna Boller explains/ talks with her sister we get a better understanding of the two points that they come from with their family. Dialogue is more helpful to understand exactly what they are saying to one another and not getting it in perfect words as it to be written on a page. I feel that in dialogue I understand more as if i’m part of the conversation they are having and i imagine it more because the words they use when they speak is more of what i hear in my everyday life.So i dont have to understand and focus on the plot and what's happening while they use dialogue in a book which makes it easier. That is why i think it is easier to have dialogue in a book. What do you guys think?

Riley In the book in chapter five she says, "Just tell her you are terribly flattered, you wish you could help, but your protective mother said no." As readers we know that Jenna Boller does not talk like this. And when her mother tells her what she should tell, you can see that she feels uncomfortable and would not want to say that to a high quality person in the shoe business which is the business she loves. That is why dialogue is great because we can tell what the reader is feeling. Why do you guys think dialogue is good in a book?

Riley Jenna is a very calm person and when she tells her mother things she is normally very nice so she does not hurt her moms feelings because she says she wants to keep her relationship with her mom strong unlike her and her dads relationship. when she says, "And uttered a loud, NO!!!" It makes that "keeping a good relationship" very not real so it puts plot through the book. And plot is good!!

Riley Every time Jenna Boller keeps asking Mrs. Gladstone if her hip is okay, every time Mrs.Gladstone says she is okay because she wants to go to Texas and have no one worry about her so she can still run the business. She tries to tough it out just to own the business and she says, " This leg will make it to Texas."pg 79 Dialogue shows how she feels

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