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Zainab I just finished Fangirl last night and I cannot stop thinking about it. I feel the ending was kind of abrupt. I wanted to know what happens next. I wish there would be another book/sequel to Fangirl so I can know what's next for Cath and Levi and Wren. And Laura. Like what happens to her?
And what exactly happened the night before Wren was in the hospital?
I just was so sad when the book ended. I wish the characters were real. I did not want the book to end at all. And I really wish the Simon Snow books are for real because I would totally read those.
Why must authors create fictional books?

Katinka Haugnaess I know what you mean! I connected to the characters so much, being a twin myself and going through similar feelings. I want there to be a follow up to the story, maybe how they progress in college and afterwards?

What did you think about the Simon Snow dialogue through out the book? I found it quite distracting and mostly skipped it, do you think it changes you perception of the characters and the overall plot line? I wonder if you read it or chose to skip it, whether it affects your perception.

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Jacky I just finished yesterday!!! I've got a big book hangover right now, but more like I'm still drunk. I just wish Levi were real ): I'd love being friends with everyone, Reagan, Levi, Cath, Wren. I have things in common with everyone and they feel like we would be really good friends. And then, THEN I realize they don't exist and it's bullcrap ):

That's the one thing I hate of books, that you grow fond of characters and wish they were in your life or that you could meet them, but they don't exist and never will )':

Laura I feel exacly the same way and I am rereading it ! There should be a secuel. It' s imposible not to feel attached to the characters, I miss them so bad...

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