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Gabriel McWethy Hi! My name is Gabriel McWethy (I'm using my mom's Facebook account, which is why you see Jennifer McWethy.) I'm 12. I LOVE reading!!! I recently discovered Goodreads, and this is my 2nd discussion. Every time I finish a book, I will post a small review on it. I mostly read YA books, but I also read a lot of classics, and a lot of suspense/thriller novels. I hope you enjoy!

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Gabriel McWethy (P.S.) There will be NO SPOILERS and every time I write another review I will change the book that this discussion is about

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Gabriel McWethy Okay. So here it goes. I've read Life Expectancies 3 times now. I LOVE it! It is written like an autobiography, and he writer's name is Jimmy Tock. The story starts on the night of Jimmy's birth. Jimmy's grandfather, Josef, is telling Jimmy's father, Rudy, that his new some will have five terrible days in his lifetime. Each day will be filled with anxiety and fear, but also with grief. Josef tells Rudy the date of each day. The first takes place when Jimmy is 20. The reason I like the book so much is because of the love and care that Jimmy's family show towards him. Both Jimmy and Rudy are pastry chefs, and every night, the whole family comes to have a five-course meal together. All in all, I give the book a 4.5 out of 5, and I highly recommend it.

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