The Selection (The Selection, #1) The Selection question

Dianne Bright Dianne Dec 01, 2015 10:33AM
Do you identify with America's character? In her situation, would you choose Maxon or Aspen? Why?

I have a question. Is the rumors true she is making a next book after the heir?

Alexandra Yes, the next book is called the Crown
Dec 04, 2015 06:01PM · flag

i feel like the way she was written in the first book is a way that lots of people can relate. if you think about it - she's this girl who's maybe not in the best way in society but she's content - she's found her bit of happiness, she has a family that she loves and she's not striving for something that she'll never get. and when she's 'forced' into a situation that she doesn't want to be in, she makes it a beneficial and palatable as she can.

as for the men, i would choose maxon - once you get to know him a bit more. aspen jumped to a bad place quickly and while he comes back as a guard - i think that he's still not the right one with the right motivations for her while Maxon wants her to grow.

Great thoughts Llana. I agree, Maxon is the best fit; but her passion with Aspen seems the most natural and believable. But obviously there's more to a relationship that passion.

Ilana see - aside from the very beginning, i didn't get passion between them. i saw it when they were both 'at home' and there was no chance that he was goi ...more
Dec 01, 2015 10:50AM · flag

I feel like America's character is either someone you can really be annoyed with or someone who you would really love. Because, since she is so normal, she acts like all normal human beings do, and that means arguing over stupid things and talking back, even to a prince. Some people can get annoyed with that but I enjoyed America's character a lot.

I always felt like after she met Maxon in the garden that they were meant to be together. I felt like they had a really strong connection, and even when she was with Aspen she couldn't stop thinking about him. I think I like Maxon and America better than Aspen and America

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