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The Traitor Baru Cormorant (The Masquerade, #1)
This topic is about The Traitor Baru Cormorant
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message 1: by Nick (new)

Nick (doily) | 966 comments Please let us know if you have read or are planning to read The Traitor Baru Cormorant by Seth Dickinson.

Please: No spoilers in this thread!

Helen I'm about 9% in. Quite liking it too. Prefer the uk cover The Traitor by Seth Dickinson

message 3: by Nick (new)

Nick (doily) | 966 comments Helen wrote: "I'm about 9% in. Quite liking it too. Prefer the uk cover The Traitor by Seth Dickinson"

More colorful. You are correct.

message 4: by Shel, Moderator (new) - rated it 5 stars

Shel (shel99) | 2175 comments Mod
I have it, haven't started yet; I'm really looking forward to it, having heard the author speak about it a little (and I got it signed by him too)!

message 5: by Alexa (new)

Alexa (AlexaNC) | 64 comments This is in my "maybe" pile. Depending on how the month goes and how appealing it starts to sound....

Sachin Dev (sachindevt) | 2 comments Just started the same. The endorsement from Kameron Hurley was enough to spur me on. Had this on the TBR for 2 months now, finally getting around to it!

Justine (justinejustine) | 563 comments I just finished this. Very well written and a particularly good effort considering it is a debut novel. It isn't a lightweight work, and the tone reminded me in parts of Malazan and some of Stephen Donaldson's writing.

Teanka I finished that last month too. I have to say that it's a good book, but I didn't like it and it was hard for me to finish it.

Lulu (robotwitch) | 65 comments Chiming in as another one who finished it recently - yesterday. I'm raving about it, personally. Definitely a very bleak and calculating fantasy.

I found the beginning tough to get through, and was going to give up on the book. But I took a break and came back to it, which I recommend if anyone starts reading it and isn't so keen.

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