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p l o t

The year is 2015, and the world is fine.

Or so much of the populace thinks. In reality, legions of demons walk the earth in the form of human beings, possessing those which they see fit. Their goal is unclear, but their intentions are. They plagued people, and sometimes whole cities and countries, with war and malice. Since the dawn of time, they had resided quietly in the shadows, and now they have come to the light.

But opposition faces them. An organization almost as old as they are has sought for centuries to purify the world of those that are known as demons, using holy articles which are passed on or genetically inherited. The organization, referred to in whispers only as the White Lotus, has branched out over the world, dwelling where the enemy lays claim. Each generation brings new hope for humanity, just as each generation of demons lays waste to the lands.

The battle is raging, and sides must be chosen.

Will you protect the innocent, or slaughter the lambs?

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white lotus

The White Lotus has been around for a very, very long time. It is unclear how long since the founding of the organization, as all records of origins have been destroyed as a precaution to protect against the demons. It is, however, noted that the Lotus has had numerous connections with leading official for almost every country throughout the duration of history. The White Lotus has continuing ties with the Vatican, though it is currently under question with the change of times, as it usually is.

The White Lotus consists of a council, each member the leader of a major branch. Each branch is located on each continent, with generals that lead teams throughout the countries of each continent. The only continent uninhabited militantly by The White Lotus is Antarctica, as it has deemed a safe haven for the retired researchers and soldiers. Each branch houses over five hundred people, a mix of soldiers and researchers.

S O L D I E R S »
Soldiers, in this case referred to as the Baptists, are without rank other than Purgo ( cleanser ), Emundans ( purifier ), and Expurget ( purge ). Expurget is the rank given to all generals, and is the highest rank a soldier may receive outside of being called upon as a council member. It is rare for such to happen, as the White Lotus is more inclined to keep soldiers with high ranks in the field to supervise and train younger recruits. Emundans are basic level soldiers. They may have already had several tours of duty, but they are far from being promoted to Expurget unless they have shown ample valor and extraordinary talent. Purgo is the lowest rank, and is reserved for recruits. These are the soldiers that are still in training and are not to be taken out on high level missions. It is noted, unfortunately, that the highest mortality rate regardless of mission level falls on the Purgo. To combat this, the Lotus has taken many steps to protecting and bringing in new recruits, choosing optimal locations that ensures survival and the least grievous injury.

R E S E A R C H E R S »
Researchers are those in the Lotus that locate probable or actual sights of demon habitation, gather and collect all mythology and information on demons, as well as designing weaponry using the Holy Artifacts. Some researchers work as medics as well, but that job is primarily left to those of that designated field. Most researchers are under the supervision of the branch head, with several teams that are allowed the ability to work outside of the branch headquarters.

M I S S I O N S »
In most cases, missions are found by researchers. However, there are few cases where a person of influence connected to the Lotus may call in a mission. These are typically low-level, but there are cases when they demand the attention of Expurget. The levels are as follows:
× triskele : typically high level; demands immediate attention of Expurget
× nemeton : mid level; usually doled out to Emundans
× darach : low level; reserved for Purgo and some Emundans

A R T I F A C T S »
The Holy Artifacts are the weapons of the soldiers in the White Lotus. They are objects that have been blessed by a pure, unperverted priest. In the case of the original Holy Artifacts, they were supposedly blessed by Angels. However, there is no clear indication that there has been or ever will be Angel involvement. In most cases, people inherit these objects or they are designed by the researchers of the order. However, in a few cases, people have shown to have Holy Artifacts within their biological composition. This occurrence is the only evidence that Angels may have had a hand in the formation of the White Lotus. Indiviuals that genetically inherit Holy Artifacts are said to skip multiple generations, but have more recently been in closer generations through unintentional breeding.

Holy Artifacts may be used defensively, or offensively, dependent on the bearer. Each Artifact is the embodiment of harmony with the user, and thus takes on the shape it deems appropriate for said user. If designed by the researchers, user will receive them in a cube form, which will scan fingertips, retina, and take a small blood sample before taking on another form for the user.

In recent times, there has been a rise in two phenomena: mutation and corruption. Of the two, only the second can be explained, and is a rarity among the soldiers. A corrupted artifact is a sign of demonic influence, in which case, the bearer has become a demon. Several cases of this happening has been contained, and is scheduled to be brought up with the council. It could mean both a turning of tides, and the ushering in of a new breed of soldiers at the disposal of the demons. The first of the two phenomena is slightly less hazardous and explainable. It observed that in extreme cases, artifacts may mutate from physical to genetic. It is unknown if it works the opposite way, as all cases of artifact mutation have been observed in non-genetic users. It's noted that these soldiers have a high level of harmony with other artifacts, as well, though they may be unable to use others aside from their own.

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d e m o n s

Demons have been the enemies of man since the dawn of their creation. Their leader, or the creature that appears to be more like an overseer than an actual leader, is Satan. His many other names included Lucifer, which he has taken to going by for the duration for this century. The same Satan that first fell from heaven after his rebellion. It would seem that his displeasure at being thrust from the heavens turned into a need to bring others along with him. The legions of demons under his command seem to have no clear order or rank, but it has been discovered in recent times that there is some form of hierarchy.

R A N K S »
In observing attack patterns and interactions between demon forces, researchers of the White Lotus have determined that there is a simple structure of command within the forces. They compose of the Kings, the Knights, the Rooks, and the Pawns. The Kings refer to high ranking demons that have either lived for an extensive period of time, or are among the first demons created. They appear to rule just under Satan, and his bride Lilith. Knights have been noted to work under most Kings, or are simply under the direct command of Lilith. They are noticeably weaker, but are still high level. Rooks are weaker still, and fall under the command of Knights. They appear to deal in the trading of souls, as that is similar to currency among the demons. Said souls are often taken after a period of five to ten years, depending on the matter of the trade. Pawns are the weakest level of demon, and cannot take their own physical form. While they are still capable of serious injury, they are easier to deal with and are low level. Rooks are both able to possess and take their own physical form, though it is weak at best.

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