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Andrew Seddon (andrewmseddon) | 11 comments Just in time for the holidays, I have two offerings from Splashdown Books, available on Amazon and Kindle. If you like hisotrical and science fiction with a Christian flavor, please check them out! Thanks! Andrew Seddon

“Wreaths of Empire”

The ultimate weapon.
The peace of the galaxy.
One woman.

Naval Intelligence Commander Jade Lafrey retrieves a dying agent’s last report from the wreckage of his ship and stumbles into a conspiracy that may destroy any chance of peace between the Terran Hegemony and the alien Gara’nesh Suzerainty. The garbled message implies that someone is developing the ultimate weapon – but who? Together with her super-geek aide and an Information Officer she’s not sure can be trusted, Jade must negotiate both the treacherous political starscape and the stirrings of her heart in order to avert catastrophe.

“The DeathCats of Asa’ican and Other Tales of a Space-Vet”

Doc Hughes: A space-traveling exobiologist who relishes the challenge of caring for the galaxy’s most exotic life forms.
Victrix: A genetically enhanced German Shepherd whose intellect and telepathic ability make her more of an assistant than a pet.
Rex: The last of his kind, the alien skaggit is not always what he appears.
Leina: There’s more to her than being an attractive journalist who takes Hughes on the run of his life.

Join the team of WOLF – Wellness for Other Life Forms – as they confront the strange, the unknown, and the dangerous is adventures across the human-occupied galaxy.

“Ring of Time”

In the 27th century, humanity’s greatest technological achievement is the massive, star-powered Temporal Displacement Ring: a portal to the past. Professor Robert Cragg, reeling from his own personal losses, volunteers to be the first-ever time-traveling historian, fleeing in to the shadows of the Roman Empire. Instead of dry, dusty bygones, he encounters real people. Commoners and nobility, sailors and businessmen, zealots and legionaries, druids, gladiators and philosophers all cross his path. The past, he finds, is not dead and gone, but very much alive… alive with wonder, fear, and, perhaps, love…

message 2: by Werner (new)

Werner | 1879 comments Andrew M. Seddon is, IMO, one of the best Christian authors writing today in the SF genre, and an excellent author of historical fiction as well. (And if I don't say "one of the best" in that genre too, it's only because I haven't read enough contemporary Christian works in it to make a fair comparison!) I don't say this because he's a longstanding, pre-Goodreads Internet friend of mine (though I'm proud that he is), but because his writing genuinely earns the praise.

I've beta read Wreaths of Empire, and recommend it heartily! I've never done an official review of it, since it's only recently been published and added to the Goodreads database; but I'll be doing one soon! Meanwhile, I also heartily recommend Ring of Time and The Deathcats of Asa'ican and Other Tales of a Space Vet, as well as Andrew's other SF novels Red Planet Rising and Iron Scepter, and his historical novel of Roman Britain, Imperial Legions. My reviews are here: . . . . .

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