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Kaje Harper | 16460 comments This is important, especially for our youth.

Yes, we are seeing some encouraging news.
PReP - PreExposure Prophalaxis - can reduce the risk of becoming infected with HIV by over 90% but not always 100% in practical use - and other STDs are on the rise, including syphilis, which can in turn increase HIV risk. "Remember the condom."

Yes, there is an injectable treatment on the horizon that may permit one shot every two weeks, instead of vital, daily meds, but still at a significant cost to patients and it can't be skipped. And it does not "cure" HIV - there are some people who cannot tolerate the medications, and progression of the disease still shortens lives.

Yes, we can now use meds to help HIV+ women not pass the virus to their children up to 99.5% of the time if it's given at the right time and they can afford it.

The virus is not beaten, and it is not a minor issue.

Young, gay and bi men in the US, particularly young men of color, are the fastest growing group for new HIV infections. And around the world, the cost of treatment is a huge factor.

Be informed, be smart, spread the word.

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Kaje Harper | 16460 comments Survivors of 1980s AIDS crisis reveal what happened to them

From the role of lesbians to the vanishing of whole neighborhoods, real LGBTI people share their experiences


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Kaje Harper | 16460 comments Never forget: 9 gay icons who lost their lives to HIV and AIDS

The late, great stars who lost their fight against the illness – but will live forever in our memories


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Kaje Harper | 16460 comments New Online Exhibit Showcases Great Artists Lost to AIDS: Art Lives

Patrick Kelly

Jim Terrell

Mel Cheren

Nicholas Moufarrege

Martin Wong

Ken Kendrick



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Kaje Harper | 16460 comments 7 gay celebrities who are open about being HIV positive
From indie singers to reality stars – meet the men helping to change public perception of the virus


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Kaje Harper | 16460 comments Why Gay Men Still Don’t Talk About HIV
Writer Jameson Fitzpatrick opens up about risks, stigma and the unpleasant realities of being a gay man.


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