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Reviving group?

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message 1: by Blaise (new)

Blaise Morita | 2 comments Hi all,

If you're a member of this group, you've received an e-mail from me (Blaise) regarding reviving the group or possibly starting a new one. My wife Christina and I are interested in joining a book club here on the mountains, and have already got two others interested as well. So, we are extending the invitation to everyone in this group to re-energize it and get together to share your thoughts about a mountain book club. Since we're probably spread out all over, the initial suggestion was either Running Springs or Hotshots in Blue Jay. Obviously we can shift around accordingly, but just putting it out there. No date has been suggested. If interested, comment or e-mail me.

With anticipation for our future literary conversations,

Blaise and Christina

message 2: by Pantea (new)

Pantea (pzi236) hello! how did the inaugural organizational meeting go? did you decide on a book and a book club date? please let me know!

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