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message 1: by Tabitha (last edited Dec 01, 2015 08:14AM) (new)

Tabitha Vohn I'm sad there isn't one. So, I thought it would be nice to give a shout-out to our fave indie novels that we read this year!

Mine are: The Ribs and Thigh Bones of Desire by Sandra Hutchison and The House They Couldn't Build by B. Mamatha .

Thanks for great writing and awesome stories indies!

message 2: by Ashe (last edited Dec 01, 2015 10:54AM) (new)

Ashe Armstrong (ashearmstrong) I had said the same thing during the voting. Really would be super, even if I was only able to vote for a couple of things.

My two favorite indie reads this year have been Malus Domestica and Rust: Season One.

message 3: by Rachel Annie (new)

Rachel Annie (snapdragoness) My fave was probably the indie PNR/UF Dawn's Keeper. ☺

message 5: by Justin (new)

Justin (justinbienvenue) | 1398 comments Mod
Hmm it's a shame there isn't one.

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