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Does anyone actually WIN the book giveaways?
Kelly Ruffalo Kelly Dec 01, 2015 07:34AM
I am kind of frustrated. I get the emails about "There's a New Giveaway For a Book You've Shelved"...ALL THE TIME!!! But I have yet to win ANY of them. Not that I'm trying to be greedy...but I just wanna know. Are there people out there that have actually won these things? I'm almost tempted to cancel this type of email notification.

Yes. I have won about 20, but that is over a span of about 4+ years and entering LOTS of giveaways. Good luck.

I've won 7 books over the course of 5 years. Don't lose hope!

My case is so like KELLY. NEVER WON ANYTHING!

Last year I won seven in just a few months, then nothing for about six months. This year I have won two. Don't give up! (It may be you are choosing the most popular books with thousands entering and sometimes only one copy available.) Good luck!

I have won 2 this year!!

I have never won one. :(
But I'll keep trying :)

I have won two in the last year.

I won two this year.

I have entered to win one particular book at least ten times because it keeps showing up in my inbox as a giveaway. I figure it only takes about a minute to enter so why not? Maybe one day it will all pay off.

I've won a few!

I just won my first one. Very grateful.

I just won another. Don't have it yet!

I have won 5 this year - but I enter MANY and often! Good luck!

Evanthia's Gift (The Gift Saga #1) by Effie Kammenou
As an author, I can tell you that entrants win. My last giveaway, I sent 10 books out to the winners. As soon as the contest end, I receive an email with the names and addresses of the winners. I am expected to notify Goodreads when I've sent all the books out. If an author fails to send the books out as promised, they will not be allowed to do giveaways any longer. Just bear in mind that most contest have a high number of entrants. I had 800 people enter for Evanthia's Gift. I hope this clears things up for you. Between you and me, I never win anything. I've been in raffles where only a certain number of tickets were sold and there were sometimes over 50 prizes. I didn't win a thing! Keep trying. Winning a book signed by the author is nice.

I only occasionally enter (I work at a library, so i have to really really want it to bother entering) and I've won at least 2 that i rememeber

i won three but thats probably more than 2 years ago. Haven't won any since then.

I have won two in eighteen months, keep trying and good luck.

Not won once. With my luck, probably won't ever.

I assume they pick the winners who are people who have a ton of positive book reviews.

Effie Kammenou No. It's completely random and Goodreads handles the random selection. I've looked up some of the winner when I sent their books out and some rated ve ...more
Apr 25, 2016 07:07AM · flag

I have.

I thought the same thing until I finally won one just recently.

I just recently joined Goodreads and won a bestseller book (that had over a thousand entries) on my very first try!! Talk about beginner's luck. I have entered quite a few giveaways since then, but haven't won anything else. Yes, real people DO win...and it's a thrill. Keep trying, I'm sure you will join the winner's circle soon.

Effie Kammenou Congratulations!
May 17, 2016 12:31PM · flag

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