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Carey Post your thoughts, comments and questions here. I can't wait to read this book! It's been on my TBR list for quite a while!

Jeffery Lee Radatz I have read the book and I think it is well worth the wait(you said it was on your TBR list for a while). It is good historical fiction.

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Dale Pearl I have it on my TBR as well. Looking forward to it.

Lorraine Duran It's so beautiful and sad and amazing. You should definitely read it. I love the way the book goes back and forth between each characters points of view of different times and situations. You should also be ready for a little melancholy after this book. maybe a little book hangover or I might just be a little to sensitive.

Vickie Lorraine wrote: "It's so beautiful and sad and amazing. You should definitely read it. I love the way the book goes back and forth between each characters points of view of different times and situations. You shoul..."
Book hangover is exactly the term I would use - a perfect term for the feelings I had at the end of this book!

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May I read this book earlier 2015 and was absolutely engrossed in the story, the characters, the moment in time. 5 stars. Cannot recommend it enough.

Mebarka One of the best books i've read so far..
I didn't want it to finish ,I'de like to re read it many times <3
it just blew all my expectations,absolutely entertaining and full of great details and subjects:history ,architecture,mechanic,biology,music ...
i just fell in love with it, it is like a fairy tale.

Caitlin Brady I just finished it and really enjoyed it. I liked the structure and style, really liked the characters, and found it very... I don't, maybe atmospheric is the word? I'm obviously not a prose writer...

Kwood This is the kind of book where I wish I could erase my memory and read it again for the first time. It is so beautiful. I hated to see the pages dwindle because I knew it would soon end and then I would be not reading it anymore. LOVED it.

MSallyJ Bergstrom I loved it too.

Libby Such a beautifully written book! I purchased a copy for my niece for Christmas I liked it so much.

Michelle This book was on my book club list last year. I tried to get into it, but just could not. I figured the reason was that I had just finished, and loved another similar novel called "The True Story of Hansel and Gretel." Similar in that it was also about children and WWII, but different every other way. So I put it down until now a year later, and I have to say that I just cannot get into it. One saving grace is that the chapters are short, but nothing happens. It is as slow as molasses and uninteresting to boot. Now, I wonder if I should invest more time trying to "get" a book, which I know I just won't because I have read other reviews of people who felt like I do. I have so many other books in my TBR pile, I think I just need to dump this one and be done with it.

Emmet Fran I totally agree, I haven't loved many of the books I've read because they won awards, I'd go so far as to say any of the books. This one was different though. It was so well written and just downright beautiful that I couldn't put it down and missed my stop on the commute to and from work more than once or twice because I was so engrossed!

I think the most interesting thing about it was the timing, everything at the start is hinging on a precipice that we know it will fall into, and yet we kind of hope it doesn't. The suspense created by this alone was so intense. Adding to that, I kind of felt it echoed a lot of what's going on at the minute in Europe and that kind of added to the situation where no one is sure what exactly the governments are plotting or doing or why.

Carey This is a book I'll be pondering for quite a while. I fell in love with the sweet, strong, inquisitive character Marie-Laure. Rich characters interwoven in a symbolic way, vivid imagery, poetic language, and the historical period of WWII all made this a novel I will reread. I'll highly recommend this book to my reader friends. Our bookclub loved it so much, each member rated it 5 stars! Thank you for all the great discussion on this thread!

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