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Scout Page Views During Holidays?

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message 1: by C.W. (new)

C.W. Crowe | 3 comments My campaign for Regina's World started on Nov 27th.

It's at

I was a bit surprised to find that mine was the only new book on that day. Since then, there have been a maximum of two new books each day. Does this seems like a slow pace? In a month, there could be as few as 50 books available on Scout.

I also wonder about page views. I had no great expectations for this since I don't have a large number of Facebook or twitter followers, but I had read that people often got north of 1,000 views during their month and often a lot more.

Maybe my book is not very attractive, but I'm only getting an average of about 15 a day from the Scout page itself and about that same number from my external efforts. This is with having my cover on the home page for the whole first four days.

Anyone care to report their results with page views over the last few days? I hope you're getting hundreds, but I'm sure not.

message 2: by Paul (new)

Paul Westley | 12 comments I have five days left on Perfect Chloe:

It definitely dropped a little the past few days. I was averaging around 70 views a day, now down to about 50. I have stayed hot for the past two weeks. Being in hot is significant. I dropped out for about four days and my views were down to around 20 a day. I should end around 1,500 views and 250 hours hot. I don't think those are great numbers, probably more like average, but they are way more than I was expecting. I think the known writers and authors with successful series do much better.

If you are getting 30 views a day then you should be at least around 1,000 at the end, which I think is a very respectable number. Apparently books with half of that got published, and many with three times as much didn't.

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