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Power of Unconscious Mind

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Nataša Pantović Power of the Unconscious Mind and Our Belief System

What we think and what we believe we are, are the two main things that decide whether we will succeed or not in our projects in life. Our unconscious mind is responsible for all sorts of illusions. Our unconscious mind is to blame for the phenomenon of the placebo effect (a sugar pill effect). When we believe that a certain procedure or medication is effective, we increase the efficacy of that procedure or medication by 50-60%.

Often, our behaviour is shaped by subtle pressures around us, but we do not recognize those pressures. According to ‘Self-perception theory’ people decide on their own likes and dislikes from watching themselves behave in various situations. We assume our sense of who we are from our behavior.

Are we what we believe we are?
C.S. Lewis said: ‘We are what we believe we are.’

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