Mindful Eating with delicious raw vegan recipes (AoL Mindfulness, #3) Mindful Eating with delicious raw vegan recipes discussion

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Interview with our Vegan Chef Olivera

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Nataša Pantović Our experienced vegan chef Olivera Rosic adores experimenting and creating the most appetizing vegan dishes, delicious freshly squeezed juices and rich chocolate creams with raw coco. Her mind is always full of little cooking secrets of how to create a dish that is truly unique.

Olivera is passionate about good tasting food. She manages to convince anybody who tries her recipes that raw is by no means boring and that it can be amazingly tasty. Olivera engineered a wonderful concept of connoisseur of raw food. She is a joyful host of numerous retreats and raw food for health workshops.

We asked her a few questions about the Mindful Eating: Exercises with Delicious Raw Vegan Recipes

How did you get an idea to write the book Mindful Eating with Raw Recipes?

My dear friend Natasa Pantovic Nuit was developing the Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training and my work with raw vegan recipes and my efforts to spread the awareness and knowledge of healthy vegetarian nutrition fit beautifully with the vision of the publisher of the courses: Art of 4 Elements.

Why Raw, why Vegan?

I am first of all an ethical vegetarian.

I was always fascinated by the idea of healing effects and what a great impact to our health raw vegan food has. This is why I started experimenting with raw food preparation, creating delicious, tasty recipes that glorify life in all its aspects. The secrets for great tasty raw vegan meals are: organic veggies and fruits, lots of creativity, a mix of herbs, and the most important spice: love.

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