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message 1: by Emma (new)

Emma Jaye | 10 comments Tinsel Time (Naughty or Nice? #2) by Emma Jaye

Released today, 1st December.
Happy to send review copies in PDF, Epub and mobi.

All is not comfort and joy at the North Pole, Father Christmas is being bugged by a mortal who was affected by an ill supervised Christmas wish, so he puts his most trusted adult department fairy on the case.
Noah Spicer’s life was already going down the toilet after he inexplicably failed a drugs test and got booted off the national dive team, but now he has to mow the lawn of the horribly successful woman he’d teased at school. This ‘Mega Boner’ was very different to the uptight, rail thin girl he’d known, both in looks and in personality. But her offer of a substantial fee for some personal services reminded him of his father’s motto ‘smile and take their money’.
Tinsel doesn’t enjoy humiliating the essentially harmless and most lickable ‘Spice’ but with the exiled fairy Jingle also after the naive young man, there is more at stake than Spice’s slightly bruised ego and the petulant Dr Megan Bonham. Something is serious up with Father Christmas, but as he literally holds all the baubles, is there anything one Christmas fairy can do to save Spice and produce a permanent Happy Ever After for all Christmas fairies, past, present and future?
Warning: 18+ story containing some strong language, M/M/F adult scenes and some significantly corny festive references.

message 2: by Ramya (new)

Ramya Abhinand | 4 comments Would love to get an ARC in mobi... email id is

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