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*spoiler* Edith

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Mooni Do you think Edith would have committed suicide either way at some point? It was mentioned she had tried to do it already twice before Anton appeared in her life. And considering how depressive-manic she was, would she probably have done it any way, even if she hadn't been infatuated with Anton?
Or was her crush (I somehow find it difficult to call what she felt love considering the short time of they actually knew each other) truly the trigger for her suicide?

Anyone has any thoughts on this?

Rebecca I really want to know what would have happened if she had married him. I suspect it would have come out what a loathsome and pathetic individual he was and she would have been desperately unhappy in any case.

One of the themes in the book was that everyone inexplicably liked him, it puzzles even him. There must have been something misleading in his air. Maybe the fact that he was a gentleman, or a soldier, or that he had been raised by the military.. it made people think better of him than he deserved.

To answer your question, I think if Edith had fallen in love with someone worthy she could well have recovered. As they said, she had made progress. I think a lot of the obstacles left were psychological.

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Bluebell That is a good question, I personally think that although she did have suicidal feelings, Anton was truly the trigger, as you say, for her tragic end. I.e. because of him she actually went through with it. He gave her hope and then when it was taken away from her, her spirit was broken. This was the tipping point for her. There are a few times in the book when it suggests she is truly happy in his company, her eyes light up, and this suggests that she had the potential to put suicidal thoughts aside and therefore could have overcome them.

Darrin Frew Edith was impatient, spoiled and selfish. She simply used Anton as an excuse to kill herself and elicit sympathy from others. The suicide is to justify her own mental image of herself as a completely tragic figure when in reality she was loved and taken care of better than almost anyone else - think of Dr. Condor's other patients, most of whom "didn't have telephones", ie, were poor. While Anton makes mistakes, they are well meaning or simply come down to telling the truth. Edith doesn't care about anyone. Not Anton, not her own father (who she effectively kills), not Ilona, not Dr Condor. She's a rotten character.

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